we love life in freedom

we rae still in the street

We are still in the street

Since April 2009 we have been fighting for our rights in Italy. Our fight is for human rights, which have been guaranteed since 1951 by the Convention of Geneva.  For us difference of ideology is not a big problem,  because our peaceful fight is for the basic human rights, it is not for difference of ideology. We did not accept first class and second class  citizenships in one nation, we need justice and protection without regards to race. We should not accept modern slavery  in 2011 and we believe justice is equal for all. We hate the life of vagabonds, in the same time we are not vagabonds, even if we have a big obligation to live in the street like rubbish and no one asked us what is our choice or opinion. They gave us the instruction for our life and we found ourselves in the street like vagabonds. They think that we are like children, we received from them the instructions for our life: when to go to sleep, when to eat and when we have to take shower but  our body smell just like dead fish. Comune of Milan is one of the richest in Italy, in the same time it is the most cruel and deaf among all. We are happy to say to the Comune of Milan we are not going to stop our fight for our rights and for our dignity. The comune of Milan may think that when we went out of Piazza Oberdan we gave up  the fight. And  they think that when the winter come we shall go to the Dormitories. As we said often, and we will repeat it again today, dormitories meant a big prison and a place of hens to us. We are asking to the police of Milan the abolition of all laws restricting freedom of basic human rights especially for the hopeless and voiceless refugees.  And grant us our permit of stay without any repression. Respect our rights for manifestation without any conditions. Stop meaningless accusation  because human rights are not for sale. The refugees  know very well the happiness that is achieved when courageous people struggle for freedom and democracy. Congratulations to the revolutionary wave in north Africa and our solidarity to the Libyan people and to all the people who love, freedom and dignity. Solidarity and reception to the refugees rights,  and  immigrants, against all discrimination A day of  solidarity  Sunday, March 13 from 15  to 22 In Piazza Oberdan For more information please 3456125464 or rifugiati.milano@gmail.com milanrefugees.wordpress.com


3 responses

  1. paulos

    i am madly happy for the new blog

    February 22, 2011 at 10:46 pm

  2. Are the refugees not happy in Italy even now in 2k15

    May 27, 2015 at 9:15 am

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