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Three main classification of racism


 We have been passed different steps of racism in this world. We have many categories of racists but  For today let me categorize them in three parts in order to understand how much we need to work not to be this categories. The firs and the most serious disease of racism is If some one is suffering this disease he don’t want to eat, travel or see any one from the other part of the race except his own race. More or less we have passed this step many years ago. But I cant say they don’t exist in this century as well. The second one is they can be able to use the same means of transportation or they don’t have problem to see you closer to them. And some times they can eat with other race but with the internal feeling of they are doing a favor to the other race because they still think that they are superior and they feel that they are giving some thing. Or scarifying some thing. But why did they feel they are  giving what are they giving him.Generosity, hospitality, or refugee to be human? For what? Does he came from other planet. Is he not a human like them. why they are not thinking that they are sharing different experiences of culture and language or way of living. In my opinion still they are suffering with the disease of superiority. This kind of people they can’t marry or have a boy/girl friend from the other race. Just may be they will have casual friends. Or may be they don’t want to have friends. The third one is: the people in this category they feel that they are not racists. They can eat they can have a boy friend or a close friend but always  they feeling they are doing some thing special and some times if they have a boy/girl friend they hesitate to have a child because they feel that their families or the their race will not like it or they are spoiling their race. But did they believe they are not doing special. why is it special why did  they think that they  are out of the realty. The realty is that  the things you are doing it, not what your families was doing. The fact that the politicians and religious leaders they told us to live here and believe this. Don’t go there and don’t believe this, That’s why we are different races and borders. We are one we have equal organs and equal biological creations why do we want to divide our selves in different races and countries why do we accept division of colors. Lets stick and be one race in one planet. Let us get ride of this very serous disease. I can assure you that there is no vaccination or medicine to recover from this. What have we got from this division except fighting and death. The only medicine is to weak up from this weak and ancient ideology. To fill your mind with full acceptance of equality. Last but not lease measure your self if you are free of the above category. If not please weak up and cure your self. We are in the 21 century, in well developed information and technology, we are in the  modern century, that means modern with technology and way of thinking. This development can be kept and grown up  if we work together and think not for our race but for our beautiful planet and human being. Ask your self why are you in this above category. Or ask your self why not free of this racist group. If you understand it properly. Its not too late to free your self from this virus. Don’t be one of the above.

                                                                  Yes we can


One response

  1. Tsegehans

    Please do what you like not what the others are expecting you to do. and sure you will arrive in what we are working for, Let me give one logic thing. If exists non violent man why not non violent family…why not then non violent village ……country……and our planet. so yes we can be non vielent and free of race if you are ready and am ready.

    March 4, 2011 at 4:45 am

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