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Military operations for the evacuation of foreigners in Libya


Military operations for the  evacuation of foreigners in LibyaAccording to unofficial statistics, an estimated number of foreigners – non-Arabs – who were evacuated from Libya since the outbreak of popular protests and even on Saturday with 16 thousand Chinese, and 15 thousand Turks, and 1500 Italian and thousands of other nationalities of the Western, Asian and Eastern European we are still shout to the first world and to the E.U. to give priority to the human right consideration in the treatment of  asylum seekers and refugees. and to stop deportation for the one who escaped from the dictatorship blood suckers governments. the state of Italy and E.U should take the responsibility of the death of 16 Eritrean refugees in Libya we will ask U.N.H.C.R. to give the protection for the refugees who live in prison in Libya. how  bad is for to be victim of jungles law. but we are asking who will take responsibility for the hopeless refugees in Libya. remember most of the refugees they were victim of the deportation  from Italy. we are still asking what is the meaning of U.N.H.C.R  and what is it duty of the U.N.H.C.R.  if this is the humanity and the civilization of the first world,  i would like to tell you that your civilization are is empty box. because for us, civilization it means not cruelty but humanity. i will thanks my god of Abraham because i discovered that who divided the world, in three position by saying this the  first world and that is the last world. i hate him  he is the son of animal dog because the first world must be full of humanity, not  cruelty. please EU show implementation for the  International law  and international conventions. Enough it’s enough, for everything there is a limit for any action there is a equal and opposite reaction.  today we are refugee and who knows tomorrow, because tomorrow is another day.  please EU open your deaf ears, and your blind eyes, in the same time open your closed mouth, remember that human rights is not for sale. stop discrimination and ugly racism. and we heard that Italy are ready now for 50.000  refugees who shall come from Libya. it is funny and comic, why not for the refugees from the horn of Africa who their living in the ugly situation in the hell prison of the Libya dictator mummer al Gaddafi the blood sucker leader, who  called his people rats. we do not believe that the leader who is not respect his people, will respect the international conventions. as we said before we will say it again today, shame on you italy. and shy on you E.U. i will repeat it again this is the ugly racism. and remember human rights is not for sale           

For more information 3465125464 or rifugiati.milano@gmail.com 

 rights less refugee

                                                Paulo’s Yacob


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