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this is the ugly racism, of the EU

this is ugly racism of the EU
Faces some Africans, especially from Somalia and Eritrea and  Darfur region of Sudan, the mysterious fate of the refugee camp (Balchocp) Tunisian – Libyan border because they refused to return to their countries of origin, in the absence of any indication or information on whether they would be forcibly deported or not. And live in the camp, about 900 Somalis and 600 Eritrean and the number of the population of the Darfur region of Sudan. He said some of those of the island they do not want to return to their countries for fear of prosecution, torture, and they fear the “Escape from war to war.” And inside the camp Alchocp, which was established as a temporary shelter for evacuees from Libya, live to be refugees from Somalia and Eritrea and Darfur with the situation and if it is a fact and walking calmly indifferent to news of flights to their countries. He added that he register his name only in the management of UNHCR, which has a long and counting procedures are complex and not conducive to anything in most cases. Does not appear to Somali Ali Adam, less pessimistic, where he says “the war is the best of this situation, no one wishes to live in the desert .. Look no birds or insects does not mean the existence of life already.” Involved citizens of Eritrea with the Somalis do not want to return to their country , but because of what they said was the problem of “dictatorship regime.” Abraham believes that the Commission consider in their files quietly as if they “do not know the concern in which we live is not our fate, but for our children,” and called for a vision to enable them to my critics try to Libya, “after years of detention and wait we will wait again. “defines the specificity of the Tunisian government for some nationalities, but do not have – just like the High Commissioner for Refugees – any idea how to deal with these special cases. finding radical solutions to urgent and those who do not want to return. If our country was a very nice place to be,  “we would not have gone to a place like Libya but we escaped from torture and prison by the dictator regime of Eritrea. it means we need protection according to the international law even the EU escaped from the responsibility and Italy the member state of the EU deported  the refugees to libya and still the refugees crying in the hell prison .Which constitutes a serious violation of human rights and international humanitarian law. the refugees in Libya now they suspected as their mercenary  and most  most of  the refugees was victims of deportation from Italy. The Libyan people hunts the refugees day and night . because most of the mercenary they were from black Africans. We are asking to the  leaders of the European Union, on their meeting on 10/03/2011 was for petrol or for human rights and I do not believe that it  was for the human rights. and why attention of the first world always only about petrol. shame on you EU and shy on you Italy. because most of the refugees they are victim of the deportation from italy. and do not forget that italy are member state of the EU if this is the new constitution of the EU, i love to say to the EU  your new constitution about human rights  is empty box. jplease EU do not point your fingers to the third world, but point your fingers to your selves))))))))))))))))))))))))))
rights less refugee
paulos yacob

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