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WHY FOR THAT KIND OF CRUELTY.WHERE IS THE CIVILIZATION OF THE FIRST WORLDMore than 400 African migrants seeking to travel to Italy on two vessels are feared drowned after going missing days ago in the Mediterranean, a UN official has said. But two boats that reportedly set out from Libya on 22 and 25 March, one carrying 335 Eritreans and the other 68 Eritreans and Ethiopians, have disappeared. “We are urging the coastguard to carry on searching since even after 20 days at sea, some people can survive,”we would like to send our message to family of victim. victim of  unjustice and unfair. we shall not forget  that they were victim of deportation from italy and most of them they were in hell prison of the dictatorship gaddafi. we are hopeful that our sun will rise in near future and the eritrean dictatorship will go to hell as his brothers husni mubarek and ben alli. but what experience we can tell, to our family. about our sad time and dirty inhumanity of the first world.

rightsless refugee

paulos yacob


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