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Refugees hostage for 11 months forgotten by the international community

I spoke this morning with a group of Eritreans and Ethiopians are hostages in nine people including a boy of 15 years. They told me that in 11 months they lost their 12 comrades who died under torture with electric shocks, the last to die a week ago a 24 year old Ethiopian boy named Tesfaldet Aregawi.
They say they are in the midst of an orchard and houses of the trafficker, not far from the border with Israel, to the point of view the known boundary of the red lights flash to signal danger. Some of them say they were taken by the trafficker who attacked a police station in the Sinai. Who has sold to a man raiders Eritrean who is in Sudan, which pretends to give hospitality to the poor fellow lost or resources to pursue their journey, and he went to see the boy of 15 years for traffickers, as well as a man 62 year old father came to Sudan to seek one of her children and ended up in this trap known as Yohannes Eritrean (Wedi Batsi), resides in Sudan has good relations with traffickers Rashiaida ethnicity, with complicity of a few bad apples Sudanese police.
More efforts are needed international authorities, particularly the Egyptian, Sudanese to clear the traffic in human beings from their territories.    

Fr. Mussie Zerai   Presidente dell’Agenzia Habeshia
per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo
Tel. +39.3384424202
E-mail: agenzia_habeshia@yahoo.it

why  silent,

refugees are daying in the hell desert of sinai in egypt we are asking justice to the international communit because we believe as justice is for one justice is for all. and we are asking the voice of solidarity to these hopeless and voiceless

rightsless refugee


paulos yacob


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