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Italy,Milan, 04/07/2011


Today I am happy to write this  honest letter to the honest person who is the new mayor of beautiful city  Milan. Dear Great lawyer and   mayor of the beautiful city Mr. Giuliano Pisapia, we believe that there are honest ears who will  listen to our voiceless voice. We are  refugees from Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan and Somalia, we escaped from place of war and torture and  from the state of dictatorship regimes and blood suckers, we are in Italy seeking  peace and protection  and we do not feel that we are protected. In the same time we believe that there is no rights for the citizenships outside of the EU in italy. For example in dormitories divided the one family members, and the husband has no rights to make love with his wife even the children they have no any rights to be with their fathers. the father he have the rights to see his children 2 hours a day inside the dormitories we do not know why, maybe they think that we are animals. We shall consider this as it is the ugly racism.

Mr mayor of Milan we are the refugees almost we do not have any rights instead we live like rubbish in the street.  I would like to thank the state of Italy for guaranteed  to us only sleeping on the street, even to sleep in the street it is difficult for the attack of the police, as usual the police hunted us as we are criminals, but we are hopeless homeless rights less poor refugees there is an obligation that makes us  live in Italy because of our digital finger prints are stored into the  Italian state, according to Dublin agreement. Dublin agreement to us seems like the Nazi  depressions against Jewish, when Hitler was controlled their  movement even at work place they use us as modern slavery. The Italian state gave us two ways: if we accept the first one. we will die silently and if we refuse it, we will die quickly. So we prefer to die quickly without any suffer.  You have to remember that we have the same rights inside this beautiful planet. We do not want to live for free, we know how to build our lives and we are not lazy people As chineses said: if someone ask you the fish, do not give him fish but show him how to couch the fish. We need you to  teach us your language, we need you to get for us some course of work  formation  and  of housing , as it is guaranteed  since 1951 the in the recommendation of Geneva. We start our life from zero and at last we fine yourself in zero yet.  And our future looks like nightmare, in the same time, we have a fear for our future  that is why today we are standing as one man for our rights we have painfully past our present is like invain we are enough satisfied of the cruelty and inhumanity. Until now we are searching for humanity, if the humanity is available  in Italy. For seven months we slept in piazza Oberdan and still we are sleeping in different places in the street of beautiful city  Milan. We are living in serious  ugly situation and it is absolutely serious proposal witch we think should reconsidered. When we went to the Commune and Prefettura of Milan we gave them two solutions: 1) To cancel our digital finger prints, so that we will take our opportunity in others European countries. 2)To give us the letter to go out of Italy. They refused to do so and we tried To leave to go to the third EU country on foot, the result was they blocked us on the round and kicked us like animals

We want you to imagine your life without house and work We have the rights to clean ourselves at least twice a month our body smell just like a dead fish and they makes us to hate our life even sometime we think that we are not part of this beautiful planet. We are asking again why for cruelty and what is the meaning of civilization and  the meaning of the first  second and third world at second step they tried to divided us. After all that in human action we are stronger than them and we are stronger than yesterday. We told them to Stop yours ancient jokes, because you can fool some people for some times, but you can not  fool all the people all the time. It’s insanity to tray over and over again for the  same result. Enough it’s enough, for everything there is a limit, for any action there is a equal and opposite reaction.

Mr. mayor our  purpose is human rights call. If some  political party want to play political game with our human movement, I love to tell them stop it because we are not stupid people.In the same point you have to ask your self for how long we shall accept this inhuman cruel action. how bad is for to be victim of jungles law. and we don’t believe in the democratic state there are punishment for homeless, jobless, poor’s refugees. When I was in Africa i know  what was  the different among  democratic rule and Dictatorship rule, but, today in Italy the member state of the EU, it is completely complicated for me

MR. Slvio Berlusconi said that his beautiful Milan be come an African city but we are not more than, than  other ethnics, maybe Mr. prime minister his eyes showed him only black colour. The south of Italy is the gate of Italy we came through that way but it doesn’t mean that we have the address over there Every city wants to escape from the responsibility  even the Commune of Milan. There is a question I love to ask:” does the beautiful Milan is under the Italian authority?” If the answer is yes, it means we have the rights to live in Milan.

Mr. Mayor there is another question we love to ask  you again and again: “when will end our suffer time? If we keep our mouths close does not mean we are stupid’s, we know what is our rights and we know also why the Italian state  plays inhumanity and unacceptable deaf games; we know there are a lot of our brothers and sisters Italian citizen they are out of Italy searching for the better life, in the same time there are some Italian they think  all the world for all of us. And they believe that Italy is only for Italian. but this is  stupidness and selfishness devilish cruelty.

Mr. Decorato  said that we are professionals refugees. Yes we are professionals, for our rights and for our dignity; yes we are professionals, to stop racism; yes we are professionals, to stop old mental system apartheid; yes we are professionals, against fascism, classism  and discrimination. As we are extra community, we do not have the right to mix our hands in the political game of this country, because we are not here to change the Italian law; but please do not mix our international law with your internal law. Italy constitution witch says justice is equal for all.

As president Giorgio Napolitano said, the extra-community they are energy of Italy but if the Italian state know how to use it, because we believe that  manpower is blessing.  We will fight peacefully and the truth you know  love is all what we need. We know there is no choice and we are fighting to get the choice. we need our rights with full of dignity, we know that our voice is voice of voiceless and  we are still calling to the police of Milan to stop  depression and  meaningless violation. We are still  shouting again and again to the State of Italy and to the E.U. to give priority to the human rights consideration in the treatment of migrants,  asylum seekers and refugees. We will work for change and we really wants the change. Remember our peaceful fight is a good over evil if  the State of Italy respects our rights  why not

yes we can


for more information please   rifugiati.milano@gmail.com  or www.milanrefugees.wordpress.com


Mr Giuliano Pisapia we need to fix an appointment  with mayor of Milan, because we need to explain about our dirty life and we believe that it is our basic rights.Please Mr mayor give us the opportunity, because now is the right time to listen to our voiceless voice, as you ready for the change we are ready too.


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