we love life in freedom

demonstration for refugees rights

Milano Italy , July 9, 2011



after a long and heavy struggle with the commune of Milan for our rights wich is guaranteed since 1951 by the Geneva Convention. We sent our letter to the new mayor of Milan. and we are still waiting for his answer. As usual we are looking for solidarity and moral from all associations if they are ready for unconditional solidarity. The Committee refugees of Milan decided to demonstrate in front of the headquarters of the new mayor of Milan.
on 26.07.2011 from 14.00 to 17.00 in Piazza della Scala.

We are in preparation for the day of the event At the same time we are calling to the journalists who want to know about the reality of homeless refugees, the message of the journalist must serve the truth, our appeal is clear and we believe that the honest pens and cameras is our force.
for that motive we are asking the journalist to participate with the refugees without hope. We are tired of meaningless repression . After long years of struggle we are still searching for the right person in the right place, we hope that the new mayor is the right person in the right place. Do not forget that our peaceful struggle is the good over evil all what we need is love and justice.
When time comes silence is betrayal so we need pure solidarity as justice is for one, justice must be for all.
Italian Constitution wich said justice is equal for all. Our peaceful fight will continue until equality and freedom to all without discrimination of race or colour of skin.And our hands and our heart are open to the real brotherhood this kind of solidarity and ambitious will give good satisfaction for our spirit.
say no to racism, because racism is ugly sickness
Refugee Committee of Milan. Formore information 3456125464 www.mialnrefugees.wordpres​s.com rifugisti.milano@gmail.com


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