we love life in freedom


what is the difference between you and her? We know now, that we are not part of your  change!  Will consider that as it is discrimination. Our hope was big in you, but now we lost the big hope and the fear is  again in our meaningless dirty life. After our long peaceful fight, as we started in beginning from zero, we are in zero again. We have paid a lot because of the request to our dignity, liberty and equality.

We are tired of repression.  Please, Mr. mayor of Milan, respect the international convention and don’t forget that you are a great lawyer.

We know what is  dormitory. For us dormitory hall means a big open prison. We will never accept it because when we sleep in the street we feel more free than  dormitory.

We will continue our peaceful fight until we reach our rights.

You have got enough time and you  ignored our voiceless voice.  We had a meeting several time with your colleagues of work  and we gave them the list name of the refugees, the result was nothing. You told us about the new change, we would like to know what do you mean by saying the change!

That the true dignity to the refugees, lies in giving young refugees the freedom that enables them to express their future, but as our ugly situation it is difficult to imagine could be worse  and we  have fear for our dark future.

thank you Mr. mayor of Milan Pisapia

for your  marginalization and we appreciate that

we love life in dignity

yes we can

Paulos Yacob


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