we love life in freedom


21 years life in endless escape

Eritrean youth movement “change for democracy”-italy

Yes, Eritrea and Eritrean people are a game in the hands of a careless dictatorship regime. Ten years ago, the dictator ordered the detention of 21 senior government members, all the journalists who criticized him and his selfish false regime. We are asking the international community to add voice with our voice to the hopeless victims of the dictator in Asmara, in order to release the detainees or reveal their fate. The dictator Isaias Afewerki closed all independent media outlets and turned the state into a country where arbitrary arrest, torture, disappearance, and death are the only reality. It is almost impossible to survive inside Eritrea and life become just like night mare and hell. People are still escaping from the cannibal to save their own life. for searching peace, safety, and protection. outside Eritrea in Diaspora.

21 years without freedom of the media, 21, years state without constitution, 21 years insecurity, 21 years in war, 21 years of unfair, 21 years injustice, 21 years detention without trial, 21 years and more life of Diaspora, 21 years without freedom of movement, 21 years life without discredited, 21 years life of slavery, 21 years depression, 21 years repression, 21 years silent and fear.

Eritrean people, now is the real time to shout like a lion for your basic rights


After long silence and fear, we Eritrean refugees in Italy, have decided to protest against the dictatorship regime At the same time we want to send a strong message to the dictator in order to release the political prisoners in Eritrea. We are happy to give our voice to the voiceless political prisoners in Eritrea.
Major holocaust of the press in Eritrea has not seen similar in any country of the world, provoking in many case the killing and the kidnapping of journalists. As the journalists, thousands of other prisoners (students, religious and common people) have been jailed at secret location for ten years and more and their fate is unknown until this moment. International organizations for human rights reported that they are losing their lives one after another.
We are asking the World Federation of the press and human rights organizations to condemn these violations and crimes committed against the Eritrean people

We believe that the wind of change from North Africa is sailing on our way. Our hands and our hearts are open for unconditional solidarity from all associations inside Italy and outside against the shameful scandalous regime in Eritrea

We forward our appeal to everyone who believes in justice and democracy and invite them to participate in our demonstration

                 THE CAPTIVES FREE



via Boncompagni 16

On 28th may 2012 from 10,00 am to 12,00 am

For information: Milano 3456125464 – Roma 3208265763 – Napoli 3343843669

Rifugiati.milano@gmail.com www.milanrefugees.wordpress.com asper.eritrea@gmail.com




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