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Eritreans ForAction

We are a group of young  Eritreans, based campaign and the third in a series of campaigns carried out by the Al-jazeera. appeal to them to address the matter of Eritrea and opacity for our just cause. and reflect the human suffering in Eritrean asylum camps in Diaspora. by writing script.  In order to put pressure on Al Jazeera we are seeking to attach the greatest signatures, in thereon. The campaign has been collecting signatures in its first phase of Eritrean political actors, civil society organizations and youth movements and groups in Facebook and Eritrean positions. We now launch the second phase of the campaign. We appeal to all Eritreans across this announcement to contribute with the success of the campaign for that we pick this campaign and reflected on our just cause. Here are the first results of the campaign some agreed to sign:

1/the national Eritrean for democratic change

2/Eritrean democratic federalist movement

3Eritrean Liberation Front/

4/the people’s Democratic Party of Eritrea

5/democratic organization for the Red Sea Afar

6/the Eritrean Islamic Conference

7/Eritrean for democracy, justice and equality (support)

8/ Citizens for democratic rights in Eritrea (sedry)

9/Radio Radio Asena(10/radio Arkokbay(11/the Eritrean information services Centre (adolis)

12/e-space daily(13/Eritrea online site/(14/site Hawash(15/site help(16/ansba ©(17/’s for democracy and justice(18/24 May (Face book)

19/the Eritrean forum for change (p) 20/Eritrea Youth Association of democratic change (Facebook)

21/platform Eritreans in the Gulf (Face book) 22/group of people wants to overthrow the  Isaias  (Face book)

23/a fight together for Eritrea (Face book) 24/ERITREANS FOR ACTION (Face book)

We are still in touch with the rest of the political parties and organizations, civic organizations and Eritrean positions.

We appeal to all Eritreans to communicate with us and send us the Amyl below the following data:

@ Full name

@ Residence

@ Post or occupation or activity

Honorable campaign activist Nur Osman Ibrahim Group (ERITREANS FOR ACTION







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  1. paulos go head you are all with you.

    August 17, 2012 at 4:54 pm

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