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to Regeringskansliet/Erik Ullenhag
10333 Stockholm

I am a witness of the brutal racism of the government Berlusconi and the leader of the northern league Umberto Bossi. We were for sell, and still we are for sell in the big market  of the modern slave trade. we saw many traders and senseless associations was engaged in that black markets, in the name of refugees and in the name of human rights from Rosarno to Milan. I remembered now when the police arrested me, when the police knocked my door every morning and every night because of the refugee’s activity. it was unforgettable pain, because  the refugees has chosen me to be as a spokesman for refugees cause, and I was the one better than them who can speak Italian language, and we had pulled the attention of the mass media inside Italy and outside Italy but the mafias was afraid of the darkness  not come to light, as usually mafia’s meant sons of devils they are experienced and they knows how to steal refugees rights in the darkness silently. Because the dark is powerless in front  the light. i was in dreadful condition indeed. And i had nothing to do, but to think how save my life, as well as i can. i was frighten of the secret hands which was flowed me and in the very next day, i don’t know who was but they tried to kill me with knife and i have the concert evidences from the police of Milan in Italy. When i felt my Eritrea was for searching peace and protection but the Italian government would not guaranteed me the protection and peace. maybe you can’t imagined  that kind of situation should be in the dictator rules but not in the state  member of the EU but this true history happened and still is happening in Italy now i am in Sweden but i have fear of deportation to Italy again by means of that satanic and cruelly agreement of Dublin II when we crossed the Mediterranean sea and it’s cruel storm for many whole days the wave has killed thousand of refugees, and thousand of the refugees are dead because of the ignorance of the Italian authority for more information please ask the former inertial minister Mr Maroni. Knowledge of the navigation in danger situations was a great lesson to us because we learned how to keep our life protected and i would like to give thanks to the almighty god for his protection we were happy when we reached Italy, unfortunate we interred in the trap of the mafias and the lawless irresponsible government of Italy. We were born to survive, but in Italy we did not find the rights of life. Maybe you should not accept us as,  as we are citizens of the EU but you can’t rejects that  we are  citizens of this beautifully planet. it was big surprise to watch the police men of the first world, when treated us just like animals with his fascist and criminal eye. Then we said these police men they are victims of the ugly sickness of satanic racism. We lost hope and our thought was that we are not part of the international community, and the Italian authority has treated us inhuman with full of cruelty and then we said again Italy is only available in the map inside EU. democracy, equality, liberty, and human rights are available only for the citizen’s of the member states of the European Union for us it was empty box and this is the great paradox and deceived to the international community this dirty sample will remains as it’s the mark of the European union because Italy is the member state of the European union.   The European Union knew everything what happened and what is happening right now inside a racist Italy But the EU has closed his eyes, mouth and the his ears, do you know why? the answer is, the EU countries  afraid of the wave of the refugees from Italy. We know when we understand. Berlusconi has gone bossi has gone but the dirty hospitality and the racist words will remain in our hearts and in our minds, still now i believe the honest person who can guarantees the refugees and immigrants rights in Italy is not born yet. it is funny today in italy every political movement and every association are searching for liberty but i don’t know in  which pocket we can find the liberty in Italy. I would like to tell the EU please don’t point your finger to a third world in the name of democracy and in the name of human rights please point your finger at yourself because Italy Greece and Malta are the member states of the European union please don’t try to escape from the responsibility by means of the agreement of Dublin II, don’t use the agreement of Dublin as it’s scapegoat of your moral obligation from the hopeless refugees. The topic of racism and  marginalization are caused by underdevelopment; civilization does not mean that you are using modern methods, Like the Urbanism, economy. And education even if you  live in good food and wear good clothing, Does not mean  you are civilized the tyrant and Authoritarian mentality are still on the minds of people in Europe. that is why, the refugees and immigrants are victims’ of the ugly racism and the brutal discrimination we want to live in dignity and the ship of the refugees is not broken, still sailing from place to another place for searching peace and protection and for the better life with full of dignity we shall live one time we need to live respectful life without any attack of the devilish fascism, racism, Nazism, discrimination,  and marginalization. May some dreadful things will happen but i would like to insure you that our peacefully fight will continue against the shameful inhuman and racist agreement of Dublin II, and against of the brutal treatment of the Italian government against refugees and immigrants, at the same time remember that we are illegal sailors but I knew not when will finish our painful suffer and our miserable hopeless life, even we have fears what is the time hide for us in the coming future because in Italy our life is  insecurity and i don’t believe that there is the security and protection for the refugees who lives in the street like rubbish and vagabonds. even the European union believes that we are a rubbish and Italy is the perfect and open prison  for the rubbish. That’s why the EU paid and still paying tens of millions of Euros every year for Italy Now our eyes are open because you can fool some people for some time but you can’t fool all the people all the time.


To the hell the scandals inhuman and racist agreement of Dublin, II

Yes we can

Refugee without protection

Paulos Yacob

Email rifugiati.milano@gmail.com or paulos_jacob@hotmail.com



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