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The obligation exists under Article 33 of the 1951 Refugee Convention not to return a refugee to a country of territory where he/she would be at risk of persecution: They are unable or unwilling to avail themselves of the protection of that country owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted; and the persecution feared is based on at least one of five grounds: race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group, or political opinion. This is known as the principle of non-refoulement, which is considered part of customary international law and therefore binding on all states. The principle is also incorporated in several international human rights treaties, for example the 1984 Convention against Torture, which prohibits the forcible removal of persons to a country there is a real risk of torture. I know what the meaning of that inhuman Dublin regulation is. As I have got the refugee status but not my rights of protection from the law less racist Italian government it means it is my rights to ask the Sweden government to ensure the protection for my life because I believe the Sweden government and Sweden people are part of the international community there will be a big obligations to your court to show implementation for the international refugee’s law which is guaranteed since July 1951 in Geneva Convention And my life is in risk, and i sent the concrete evidences to this court because i believe that the Dublin regulation II could not be above the international convention which is guaranteed since 1951. Don’t try to use the Dublin regulation II, as it is a scapegoat of your moral obligation and of your responsibility for the homeless refugees. If there is a justice in Sweden, the Swedish government I will provided to me the rights of life without any fears of deportation to the hell Italy again. i Remember in my life ever I didn’t committed any guilt and I don’t want to be hunt by Swedish police as I am a criminal i know how I entered in Sweden and I know the road how to go out from Sweden without any problems But I am tired to escape from place to another place and i hate life in fugitive to search for peace and justice, Until my basic rights, equality, and protection as it’s still in not guaranteed for me yet   i will continue to flee in fugitive  just to save the life i live because life is my right. And I believe that the Sweden government is not the only country in this world which can guarantees human rights and refugee’s rights in this beautiful planet. I would like to inform you that all what I want is peace, dignity, and free life without fears of persecutions, but if you live in peace, in democracy, and in Safety place it is difficult to analyze what is the meaning of fears and this is the stench of our modern season. i want live because i was born to Survive and life is one of my basic rights,  i am not here in Sweden for searching wealth or better life, i am here for protection. my thought was That, maybe the Sweden authorities will ensure me a rights to get a lawyer during the investigation but no one asked me about my problems when i saw the decision of the court i said to myself this decision is unfair and injustice but what can I do because I am voiceless hopeless poor refugee. Now the stick is at the courts hand, remember you can kill only my flesh but not my spirit or my soul And I will never be the first nor the last, one of the victims of that satanic Dublin regulation II. And I will consider this as it is misjudgement, unfair, and injustice even it is deceived for the international community and disappointments for the Swedish people and for the Sweden government because as justice is to one justice is to all I don’t want fool the court and please don’t try to fool me, because the irresponsible and the racist Italian government could never be my responsible, because the Italian government is deaf ear, rocky heart, may I can describe the Italian government as they are human being without feeling of humanity I mean walls. but not the Italian people,  i believe that the Italian people are victims like us because the Italian government created war among immigrants and the Italian people,  this is a dirty scenes of the dirty politic games now today, in Italy. and I don’t believe the killer will be my saviour Even it is hard to believe that there will be a protection for refugees who live in the street like rubbish and this is the great scandals of the satanic and devilish Dublin regulation II,

Everybody knows what happened and what is happening in the racist Italy and everyone have the answer because this time is time of conscience

Thanks to Jesus son of almighty god because today i am stronger than yesterday.

Forever we say together, to the hell the racist, satanic, the Dublin regulation II






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