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Monday, 19/11/2012

Asylum seeker from Eritrea commits suicide

An asylum seeker from Eritrea adopted on 16 November in the Department of Psychiatry in Liestal life. The single mother of three children, was in treatment for a deportation attempt. You could have stayed in Switzerland.

The Baselbieter Security Directorate informed today Monday over the suicide of Eritrean.The authorities wanted to deport the woman initially. The deportation to Italy had been decided by the Federal Migration Office and the Federal Administrative Court confirmed.

In medical-psychiatric treatment
Against the expulsion in October the mother of three children had resisted. Medical investigations revealed that she was not fit to travel. The Baselbieter authorities waived a renewed attempt rendition. The Eritrean was admitted for medical and psychiatric care in the Department of Psychiatry and pychotherapie (PPP) in Liestal.

Asylum seekers would still be able to remain in Switzerland
In the clinic, the woman had taken the life last Saturday. The Baselbieter authorities have expressed dismay at the suicide. The woman could have remained after the so-called Dublin period in Switzerland. This was also assured her clear as the spokesman of the Security Directorate assured the regional journal. The three infants were currently housed in foster homes. (CRZ)


Dublin regulation, is insanity of racists EU countries. because it does not respect the rule of law and human rights.
many of our dear refugees they become victims of the nazi dublin regulation and i am one of them. we lost many of our best friends in italy some of them in prison in the street and no one asked where about of them they were escaped from the hell of the dictatorship regime in Eritrea then they are living under inhuman treatment of the italian racist government.
to the hell the racist dublin regulation.


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