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the endless harsh attack of racism is continue in Italy.

Monday, January 14, 2013 21:51

Beaten and insulted, a Senegalese sets himself on fire in Monza Featured

Written by Press Agency Social Editor

Friday BS, Senegal of 33 years (in Italy 5), set himself on fire in front of the police station in Monza. He said he was beaten. A representative of the Senegalese community appeals to the witness: “Let it be.”

babacar samb“No one would listen, because I have black skin. They are razzist i “.That’s why he decided to use his body for a striking gesture. It was 18:20 on a Friday when BS , a Senegalese citizen of 33 years arrived in Italy in 2008 , set himself on fire in front of the police station in Monza, via Romagna. “I just wanted someone to listen to my complaint” is unleashed on the phone, still in shock. Is now in hospital in Monza , for some investigations.

The anger begins to rise at 18.20 on Friday night. BS took the bus 221 , to return home, after having finished the round in the company where he works as a porter. “I climbed the door at the end, like all – says-. I was going to stamp your ticket to the only machine that is close to the driver. Walked slowly because I had hurt his leg.” The next stop was nearby, less than a hundred meters. When you open the doors, go up two controllers and ask the ticket. “When I told them that I was going to stamp gave me a liar,” said BS I have beaten and pulled, until it is already out of the car.”They hit me on the arms and neck,” he says. In the meantime came the Carabinieri car. BS tried to explain what had happened. “I shouted ‘fuck, here we are in Italy, not in Africa . Shut up. ‘” They would not listen to his story. An Italian is off the bus: “He said he had seen everything and wanted to testify. But the Police have spoken, and they did go away.” BS At that point he started to cry in despair. He knocked at the door of the police station, hoping that at least there listen to his version of events.But they closed the door in the face, claiming that serve a medical report to file the complaint. At that point the man approached a group of boys: “I saw smoke. I asked the lighter and I’m on fire, “he says. An ambulance arrived on the scene and took him to the hospital.

SaidouSaidou Ba is one of the representatives of the Senegalese community in Milan.Along with Baye Diouf , president of the development of associations and entrepreneurship of migrants (CESAIM) were the first to reach the scene. “I knew him, he did not go very community – says Ba -. We also spoke with his relatives inSenegal and his tenant in Monza and they said it was a quiet boy, never had any problems. ” BS still shaken by what happened. “He realized, as a Muslim, that such a gesture is particularly serious: those who attempt suicide commits one of the worst sins in Islam , “said Saidou Ba. In the coming days could start legal action against the two controllers who attacked BS: “We appeal to the witness, who do recover,” says Saidou Ba.


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