we love life in freedom


we heard the France government has sent his troops to help and save  the people and  government of Mali of the terrorists attack.

For me  I did not found any  differs among racism, fascism, Nazism , and terrorism.  and everyone knows the refugees situation in Italy.  we live under harsh attack of racism and fascism. we live under fear miserable meaningless life like rubbish in the streets, we eat in  the streets, we walk in the streets, and we sleep in the streets, if no, in abandoned dirty houses .


And we lost many  good friends because of the ignorance of the Italian racist government , we tried several times to  flee from Italy to another third country inside EU,

But the result was most of the EU countries has deported the refugees with force, and they are still continue deporting the hopeless, homeless refugees by using  the satanic, and Nazism Dublin regulation II  again to the lawless Italy.

We appealed several time for many years  we are still  did not found who could wipes our tears we feel that we are undesirable people I do not know  maybe of our  color skin  or because of our civilization But for us civilization means humanity, liberty, equality, and freedom of movement because  we are living inside open prison             and this is the great marginalization of the Racist EU.

Human rights inside EU it seems just like a cartoon of Tommy and Jerry particularly for refugees and immigrants, it is empty box. I am asking if there is a solution for the hopeless refugees in near future?

I do not think so, because to discuss about  the issue of the poor refugees in the EU parliament,  is not exited  because who cares for  the dead  fishes.

to take action and  to pull the lawless Italian government to the right direction, to oblige Italy to respect and obey  the international convection it is difficult because such a thing would bring scandals to EU, do not forget that Italy is one of the member states of the EU.

We heard about  human rights and constitution of  the EU,  yes available only on papers and particularly for refugees and immigrants it is false, fake, lies, it is  pure propaganda of EU.  according to our ugly situation we appeal  to the high representative of the EU for  foreign affairs security policy vice president  of the European commission, counterparts on the  situation in Italy To deploy its forces military intervention “as soon as possible,  to protect the powerless refugees  from the attack of the devilish racists and fascists because protection  is  one of our basic  rights.


if not, they will kill us one by one because we live in the street we do not have any protection. Refugees in difficult circumstances and especially the cold and lack of food I think now is the right time for EU, to point you fingers at EU.  and do not try to fool us because for everything there is a limit

to the hell Nazis Dublin regulation II






2 responses

  1. abraham

    It’s not a secrit what’s going on the dark life of refugee in italy.my anger is to the Eu member states why they keep on watching for such humanright violation. We have to note that the italians are so deceptive.but shame italians you are over ,your fathers crosfied for christ jesus that means it’s easy now to suffer for the powerless and homeless refugee.when I asked an asyl in other eu member state I became confidential you are the greatly intended to sufer and kill people in the name yes”we grant asylum” .impliment the rule fellow the regulation shame italians .don’t let refugee for life poverity.

    July 31, 2013 at 1:09 pm

    • we are not poor, but they pushed us to the poverty

      August 6, 2013 at 2:54 am

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