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President of the Senate

President of the Senate




Cittadinanza: Grasso, sbarco puerpere?
(ANSA) – ROMA, 07 MAG – “Non possiamo fare in modo che l’Italia diventi un Paese dove sbarcano le puerpere per ottenere la cittadinanza italiana dei figli”. Lo ha detto il presidente del Senato Pietro Grasso intervistato da Radio Anch’io. “Sono favorevole allo ius soli, ma questo diritto va coniugato con i requisiti che gli immigrati debbono avere per essere cittadini italiani”, ha sottolineato.

President of the Senate We cannot make sure that Italy will become a country where landing mothers to obtain Italian citizenship of the children.”
All what I wants to say is, we do not need your citizenship. Please Show implementation for the refugees rights and immigrants rights that is all. And everyone knew how is your scandal treatment, I mean do not fool yourself.  because we are happy for what we are  and our entity in Italy is not for to change our identity because we are prides for who we are and we are human being. stop your greedy thoughts, all the world are for all of us but Italy is only for  Italians. I mean it because this is devilish selfishness.
Shameful on you
Yes we can 



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