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Dear Mr. Matteo Salvini

File:Matteo Salvini.jpg

Dear Mr. Matteo Salvini first of all I would like to explain about the refugee who committed the crime to the innocent civilian this was not the first and it will never be the last because you and your LEGA NORD should take the responsible for what happened, you and your LEGA NORD will be responsible for what will happen in the future too. Because of your uncivilized racist politics, you do not have any rights to blame any person; I mean blame yourself and point your fingers at yourself. Since long time we had resisted your beautiful insult and the insulting of your colleagues because this is the consequence of the irresponsible dirty propaganda and it is logic to reap what you sow  we were victims of the racist and fascist attack for many years how many of us are dead in the past years inside your open jail I mean Italy and you know that we have rights less than dogs in Italy we fled from the hell of dictatorship regimes in Africa and we are still surviving, but we cannot say living, under the racist and fascists harsh and heavy attacks. And the Italian law, which is said justice, is equal for all is not true because we live in ugly and misery life I mean your racist justice does not protects us. We are victims and we are still modern slavery We shouted since long time but no one gave us humanity instead of humanity we have got insanity and satanic treatments you and your LEGA NORD make us to hate life for some time we feel that we are not part of this planet, Matteo Salvini I think you are an educated person, imagine people without home and work live and sleep in the street of your beautiful city Milan under cold and hot weather this kind of misery situation should make to the person easier to go to the road of madness, immediately after the terrible story of Milan which we refer to the man with a pickaxe injured four people and has killed one, in an obvious fit of madness. It is the consequence and reaction, of the hopeless and futureless innocent person; if you do not believe me, for more detail please ask the psychologist doctor.  But who was the source and who should take the Responsibility of these scandals.

                                                             Refugee without rights

                                                                        Paulos Yacob

                                                                        YES WE CAN


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