we love life in freedom

animal without tails

Calderoli is uncivilized, and animal without tails. It is a great scandals when animals paying political words in the democratic beautiful games. Because naturally animals their origin place are in jungles not in parliament. Everyone love animals me too but our love for animals should not be as our love for human being it is not the way use to be because human is at the first place. Mr Calderoli I appreciated your love for animals but i have doubt because for these who hate human, they can not love animals. I mean first love starts for mankind and then for animals I know why you are suffering because racism is brutal sickens I am so sorry to inform you that there is no medicine for racism and racism is heavy than HIV and carcinoma soon will kill you silently we know that you are on the way to the grave because you are unhealthy sick on the bed. I will pray for you because you are human being and I love all mankind I do not care about your colour skin or you race because I believe that you and me we were created from the dust and we will go to the dust. And please try to be moderate and do not forget that we are living in 2013 because civilized world will laugh on your uncivilized words stop doing like a monkeys because you are human being if you really knew what does mean human being. I heard that you had called Ms Kyenge to apologise. It is good idea but remember think to wise before speak ones,

One of the refugees without rights victim of racism in Italy
Paulos yacob


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