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your excellency: chancellor Angela Merkel

Dear Madam Chancellor Angela Merkel!

Please give us your attention.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel-1375377

Your Excellency: your government has started current to prevent refugees from Italy for not entering the country, we shall consider that prevent protection seekers from entering the country is “a violation of Germany’s international obligations, we would like to point out that entire families, children, the elderly and the sick, are stuck at Italy with inhuman and brutal treatment and the refugees are living in the streets just like rubbish and we request the Germany government, to rescind its decision quickly to prevent the entry of the refugees without rights which are coming from Italy.

Your Excellency: we are blaming your government and all EU countries for refusing to enter the refugees without taking into account the risks that threatened unprotected refugees; our request is to stop deporting the refugees to the brutal situation in Italy again without listening to their pains and their problems. We demand your government and Germany people to implement the rule of law binding under international to respect the principle of non-deportation to the country if their life is or their freedom was threatened in it. This is not fabricating and lies, what we are saying are true. If there are some doubts for what we are saying i would love to the team of journalists and human rights defenders to visit Italy to investigate the allegations on the ground, I think time has come now to EU, to point its own fingers at itself.

Your excellence: you know what happened and what is happening now in Italy according to the U N H C R, thousands of refugees have fled from Italy to other third countries inside EU since the beginning of their admittance in Italy, we cannot say to all those victims about what they saying are Lies, but the angels and owner of the racist Dublin regulation II, what they said is true. But the reality in Italy is different, we live in the streets, eat in the streets, we sleep in the streets, and we live unprotected life we have fears for our future because life in Italy meant hell and night mare.

Your excellence: Why always we see wave of thousands of refugees fled from Italy, why wouldn’t the refugees do not flee from other countries inside EU if you ask yourself why I am sure you will find the answer because we know when we understood, at the same time we know that you have full information about the bad condition life of refugees in Italy, We believe that Germany was and still so far the most open country with regards to refugees rights but why Germany of today become is not a savior for the hopeless Refugees as it was before? I know you are full of humanity please use your Commonsense because civilization meant humanity.

Your Excellency: We tried for several times for our voiceless voice to be heard by universal now we I believe the world began hearing us but the world would not believe what we are saying because the world has wrong information about human rights in the EU. Since long time and we are still shouting to our rubbish life and misery situation in Italy. Do not forget that Italy is member state of the EU; I would love to inform you that the quality, equality, justice, and liberty in EU especially regards of human rights for refugees are only on papers. We are tired and we need justice now, if there is justice in EU.

your Excellency: every civilization most find what is necessary to negotiate to solve the problems at the first place the human being value regards to the human rights and humanity, remember that, all what we need is love and peace and god is love. but what make us feel sad and angry is, most of the EU countries are still playing dirty games, about the refugees who are flee from Italy, by means of that satanic and inhuman II Dublin regulation, as it’s scapegoat from their responsibility of those refugees which are victims of the marginalization and racism, at the same time we cannot say that the EU are free of sickness of racism, fascism, Nazism and marginalization, but from one place to another place there are difference but we feel that we have an heavy obligation to fight peaceful against these scandals because we believe that we are part of the EU.

Your Excellency: we know that the great EU are the greatest human rights defender outside its territories, and inside its own territories, but inside its territories regards basic human rights of the citizens which are not member states of the EU, particularly victims of the Dublin II regulation, which still are suffering in bad condition in Italy, our basic rights are not guaranteed. There are many victims in Italy their lives are less than dogs, everyone knew that refugee’s rights in Italy is less than dog’s rights. But when the EU will listen to our shout, and when will wipe our tears, at the same time we are not race of dogs but we are race of human beings. And I would like to give many thanks to my lord Jesus, who created me as human being and I am proud that I am not race of dog.

Your Excellency: We need denouncement from the “Human Rights Watch” and other governmental and nongovernmental organizations, to these authorities in EU which are refusing to allow protection for the hopeless refugees who fled from the hell Italy, to pull Italy to implement for the rule of Geneva recommendation of 1951. Yes for the rule of law, no to the laws of jungles. We fled from the blood sucker dictator regime in Eritrea for searching peace and protection, but what we found of the Italy authority is shameless and scandals. we do not want to blame Italian people, because we got many solidarity from the Italian people, even we do not accuse others because they were victims of the lies and irresponsible mass media, those who are creating war between poor people by using racist words.

Your Excellency: why I prefer to write this letter to you because Germany has a network of 229 diplomatic missions abroad, and maintains relations with more than 190 countries, As of 2011 it is the largest contributor to the budget of the European Union (providing 20% and the third largest contributor to the UN (providing 8% Germany is a member of NATO, the Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the G8, the G20, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). It has played a leading role in the European Union since its inception and has maintained Germany seeks to advance the creation of a more unified European political. I believe your government could do something for the homeless refugees which are victims of the inhuman Dublin II regulation , to help us to overcome the ordeal which we are exposed of the law less and irresponsible the state of Italy, one of the members states of the European union.

Your Excellency: If you will ask reports about the refugees in every country inside EU, especially of those victims of Dublin II regulation, for surety without any doubts you can find it as it is just like a big mountain. It is covered in the hidden place maybe that could bring a Stench to the great EU, this is what we call it silent killer. But I feel disappointed to tell you this, which cares for the dead fishes, except fishers men, since long time we were searching for our fishers men in EU, and where are they? We become a forgotten people or undesirable inside the EU this is injustice.

Your Excellency We cannot ask you to Ethical assume its responsibilities of all those refugees who flee from Italy; we knew it is a heavy burden to Germany especially with this economical crisis. At the same time we believe that humanity crisis, is heavier than economical crisis, we need you to effect and Pressures to the EU human rights defenders especially of those who declared themselves as angels without wings of the Dublin II regulation to discuss in open dialog about refugee’s issues. To ignore is not a solution to the homeless refugees which are dying in silence without any dignity, inside a irresponsible and lawless the state of Italy.

Your Excellency: in these circumstances, many refugees become victims of irregular smuggling in EU, the obligation of the Dublin II regulation it becomes just like chains on our feet’s that is why we become easier to those human smugglers hunters, and this the real meaning of human trafficking, smuggling system in the EU had being in escalation I am afraid for not to see another Sinai in EU. we demand for protection and equally throughout all EU territories. This is a human rights obligation and a fundamental pillar of the EU’s; i would love to ask one question, if Italy not qualified to guarantee human rights, it is our rights to search for the dignity in other countries in EU. We fled from the blood sucker dictator regime in Eritrea seeking for protection and dignity because we hate life without dignity and life of modern slavery.

Your Excellency: due To the human tragedy experienced by the refugees nightmare in Italy, and the humanitarian situation for refugees are continues to deteriorate, because most of refugees are living in the abandoned dirty houses and in the streets and we clean ourselves twice a month at the charity, Due to this circumstance, our body smell just like a dead fishes, and now time for the cold weather is coming we do not knew, what we shall do? The EU human right organization is seems indifferent to the size of the suffering of the refugees in Italy. And that he is reluctant to lend a helping hand to the refugees of the tragedy of the refugees are worsening and that they represent a threat. We appeal for relief to overcome to the brutal and misery refugees’ situation which is present now. According to the inhuman Dublin II regulation, and Dublin III regulation, I know the EU member states they could tell us it is responsibility of the Italian government, But if the responsible is irresponsible?

Martin Luther King: There comes a time when silence is betrayal.

A. Desist from committing aggression against refugee’s basic rights, in the lawless and inhuman Italian government

B. EU: silence is not the way use to be to resolve important issues regards humanity crises and destruction of human rights in Italy, Enough s enough to Provocations and marginalization against refugees in Italy.

C. We demand the European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton to follow the brutal situation of refugees in Italy with deep concern, if there are some doubts for what we say, we will be happy if the team of the EU human rights organizations to visit Italy to investigate the allegations on the ground this is not fabricated lies, what we say is true.

D. We condemn the EU human rights organizations, because the primary responsibility rests with its silence about the refugees in Italy, it means green light for the Italian government, do whatever you want. this is not blackmail to the EU, but it is pure reality

E. The future of democracy in the European Union based on dialogue between all parties concerned to overcome the differences with the participation of all parties to enable its democratic institutions to find a solution for any problem, so we need you to open your eyes and ears to listen to our tired voiceless especially those angels without wings and owners of the Dublin II regulation. And now is the real time, because the refugees are dying in silence in Italy.

Mahatma Gandhi
First they ignore you,
Then they laugh at you,
Then they fight you,
Then you win

You Excellency: When the lack of compassion in our hearts and when truth and justice is absent when we justify the destruction of the future of innocent refugees where we’re going. We appeal to all parties who cares for human rights and to all the honest citizens of the European Union to refuse the satanic Dublin II regulation. At the end of my letter I would like to inform you that we are not beggars and vagabonds, at the same time the basic human rights is not commodity and it is not for sale and it will never be, Because we believe that, as justice to one, justice to all without discrimination.

You Excellency: I am sure you will understand the tears of the hopeless refugees , because I believe that you are an honest heart for refugees and immigrants.
Thank you very much for your attention.
To the hell, racist Dublin II regulation.
Yes we can

Unprotected refugee
Paulos Yacob Tell 004915215829842
For more information, mail



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