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endless refugees plight

Stop Dublin-Regulations!
Solidarity with refugees in Europe!

Go to hell, Dublin regulations!



We need urgent action from the EU, duly implemented the Geneva recommendation, now, without any reference to the racist Dublin regulation II and III. Us refugees in Italy, we almost have no protect-ion, but how could there be any protection for refugees who sleep in the streets like rubbish and vagabonds. We believe that the Dublin regulation II and III is absolutely not superior to the international Geneva conventions of 1952.

Presently we urge undesirable people in the EU and this is the ugly aggression against the international human rights.
We are not here in Germany to search wealth and vacation, we have many problems Please listen to our pain and do not pretend to be deaf and cold-heated. Silence is not a solution, special-ally not among civilized people like you.
Show courage Take action to solve our endless ugly plight, remember that human rights are not for sale.
When will the implementation of the Gene-VA recommendation of 1951 take the right place in the EU?

Where is the CRUNCH in the EU, especially in Italy? We ask the EU to move forward and end our interminable and endless suffering. We ask the German police to stop deport-in us to Italy without giving the victims a chance to speak about their problems.

We condemn the German police for illegal actions against powerless refugees, stop the law of jungles. The German police hunt the refugees at 4 in the morning, just like devils. Such thing may happen in a dictatorship, but they shouldn‘t happen in Democratic states. In Democratic states, it is not a crime to demand your basic rights. Protection is a refugee‘s basic right. Unfortunately, in Italy, refugees are unprotected.

We fled from a dictator regime on Eritrea to find peace and protection, not to be confronted with racist Dublin regulations. We are victims of the Dublin regulation II and III. The Dublin regulations are satanic and inhuman.

We request from the EU o stop marginalization and racism. When we analyzed the stench, we found that there are no difference between tyranny, racism, fascism, Nazis, and retro-rim. All are senseless and ugly; indeed they are the enemy of our beautiful planet. We demand the EU to stop injustice, discrimination, marginalization, and even racism against powerless refugees, the innocent victims of the inhuman Dublin regulations II and III.

You, Angela Merkel said Greece should never have been allowed to join the Euro. You put the blame on former Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, but if the measure of human rights is not economic, we love to inform you that even Italy should never have been allowed to join the EU. We put the blame on you and on the EU. You ask why? Because you know the present situation in the lawless Italy better than we do. Every day, refugees are dying in silence in Italy.

Please EU, stop the policy of double standards.
Today we collect our voiceless voices to seek our lost basic human rights in Germany and the EU. At the same time we feel that we are lost people inside the EU and inside the first world.
Backgrounds to protest
Dublin II and III V
REGULATIONS, spread between European Member States.
Asylum applications from asylum
seekers who have entered the country via Italy to the EU,
thus we do not find in Germany no attention.
Without Hearing our reasons why we are here in Germany
Asylum seekers facing daily deportation threatened.
The march will begin from the central train station in Frankfurt Bahnhof on 17 \ 03 \ 2014. Time at 14, 00. afternoon.
the delineation will meet with mayor of Frankfurt, the Italian Consul to Germany, and we will send our delegation to the department Office Affairs of refugees, in Gießen Germany and then after the demonstration we will have an open meeting.

We appeal to our brothers and sisters, citizens of Germany, and all mankind for pure and unconditional solidarity.

We appeal to the honest journalists, who have a sense of journalism and know the true meaning of journalism, to give our voiceless voices power, because we feel powerless without your solidarity. We invite all parties to participate in our peaceful demonstration. Do not forget: The peaceful demonstration is of a good against evil.
milanrefugees.wordpress.com Email, rifugiati.milano@gmail.com Tell, 004915215829842
refugee without rights
Paulos Yacob


3 responses

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about steely dan youtube.

    September 2, 2014 at 3:00 pm

  2. elinaz

    stop the dublin regulation . refugees are not animals !!!!

    November 2, 2014 at 11:30 am

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