we love life in freedom


Last Tuesday 22/07/20014 we had press conference with represents of churches. At this moment there are about 200 refugees who live under protection of the churches. and I released the statement, and the were good participation of journalists and TV. i hope this could stop the attack of the cruelty of the police men here in Germany.

I am Paulos Yacob and I would like to present myself as one of the Refugees for Change. We are here to demand the solidarity of the churches because of the attacks of the police here in Germany. I hope you will understand our pain and our endless problems.

we, the refugees, what we need, is protection, solidarity and hospitality.
We are tired of being treated worse than animals because of the racist Dublin regulations. Everywhere inside the European Union we are hunted like criminals. But we did not commit any crime, all we came for is a better life and protection.

Today we are here to demand our lost basic human rights as well as
refugees rights in the lawlessness countries. At the same time we are
concrete evidences for the ugly situation of refugees everywhere inside
the EU. And particularly we are evidences for the effects of the racist
Dublin regulations II and III.

In Italy we have less rights than dogs. Because the dogs at least know
when they should eat, when they should wash themselves. Not even this is
possible for the refugees there. The refugees in Italy smell just like
dead fish, because we have the right to take a shower twice a month at
churches. We eat one time a day like camels, also at the churches. We
sleep on the streets just like vagabonds, always in fear of and under
the heavy pressure of the racist law and attacks by racist police men.
You see, we are not here in Germany for vacation but we are here for

Why do we always witness waves of refugees fleeing from countries such
as Italy, Malta, Bulgaria and Greece? Why wouldn’t the refugees flee
from other countries inside the EU? If you ask yourselves these
questions now, I am sure you will see the answer. We know that everyone
has full information about the bad living conditions and the miserable
lives of refugees in the lawlessness countries. Please use your common
sense because civilization means humanity.
unprotested refugee
Paulos Yacob


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