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life of refugees in italy, are insecurity

I presented this article at the seminar of STIPENDIATENSCHAFT DER FRIEDRICH-EBERT-STIFTUNG to the university students, after we watched the film (Trappola the trap ) and then there was an open discussion.,,,,                                       babi4

Our appeal is to immediately halt the operations carried out by these angels without wings of Dublin regulation II & III, against the victims of the racist, Dublin regulation II & III. The aggression of the tyrant in Eritrea against the Eritrean people
began has caused the displacement of tens of thousands of Eritreans, who took refuge in every corner in this planet to save their lives. I am one of them. But instead of fighting against the dictator in Eritrea, we are fighting against the EU, searching for our rights and our dignity in Europe. We forgot our problems to live because of the problems caused by the EU, so where is the difference between dictator states and democratic states?

Without it, the EU will lose the right to talk about human rights, which means about the human value. Because human rights is not for sale. but here in the European Union, we saw a lot of business makers in the name of human rights and refugees` rights. We can see the EU losing its integrity day by day also on the diplomatic front.

And the mass media inside the EU, I cannot judge all of them, but the majority have lost credibility because they have become slaves for those who pay more. Unfortunately, we cannot pay them because we are poor refugees. German newspapers dealt with the subject of the aggression on refugees rights by the EU and by the German police, but until now there is no answer from the politicians because they want to kill our voice silently. So why do they talk so much about humanity and human rights at the parliament? I do not trust them because what they are saying is not true.

We have many fears. Our fears started when we were under the dictator rule in Eritrea, also when we fled from Eritrea with fear, in Sudan with fear, in Libya with fear, to cross the Mediterranean sea with fear, in Italy also with fear because we lived in the streets like vagabonds. here in Germany we live with fear. A fear of deportation to the lawlessness of Italy. From our birth until now we live with fear. Sometimes we feel that we are not part of this beautiful planet. I do not know why they hate us?

The blood sucker dictatorship regimes in Africa torture us physically ,here in the first world they are still torturing us psychologically, we do not know where to go because we are tired. Is there somewhere outside this planet for the powerless refugees? Because our world of today is only for the powerful Tens of thousands of refugees, victims of war and persecution living in conditions of insecurity, exclusion and discrimination and racism. In Italy, in recent years we were faced with the refusal of governments and communities that deny decent reception to refugees.

In Italy refugees are still struggling for their rights and dignity, but we did not see any news in the mass media in the EU. Do you know why? Because EU is ashamed about the scandals, which are present in Italy, Italy is a member state of the EU, difficult to blame Italy, because because Italy is one part of its own body. We will be madly happy if there will be investigations by those who call themselves human rights defenders, to investigate the aggression and the stench of racism which is smelling now in EU.

Why is the EU stealing our rights and smuggling them away from the eyes of the international community. No one can ask why to the great EU? But today I would like to ask the EU, why the policy of double standards? Now we can see many refugees are escaping for their lives due to the ugly treatment in the lawless Greece. But those refugees are now finding acceptance in other EU countries. as we know even Greece is a memberstate of the Racist Dublin regulation.

But the EU does not give any declaration about the refugees who fled from Greece. Because Greece is also a member state of the EU, such a declaration could bring stench to the EU. Due to the name of the great EU, they are doing these scandals in silence Even here in Germany, they accept you immediately if they love the color of your eyes, This is what we call discrimination. So how can the prospects of human progress develop in the EU?

After long suffering, why are the refugees today raising their voices and their fingers to the EU? In relation to raise or decrease the volume we can say due to the human rights violation and intentional racism, which we are facing everyday. and it’s in regard to the nature of the brutal discrimination. The EU should take the responsibility of the consequences of the raised fingers of the refugees.

They said many words about civilization, they put themselves in the first place, but when we see the way they treat the victims of the racist Dublin regulation II & II, and when we have analyzed it,we discover that they have the wrong education about civilization, or they do not know what is the meaning of civilization, because civilization means humanity, equality, and liberty. What is happening to the hopeless refugees in the EU? We consider it as it is an immoral shame and
criminal act, as a gross violation of international humanitarian law.

The influx of refugees from Italy in EU countries goes on, because they are still living under humiliation. The management of this file is still subject to political outbidding by the EU governments. In the EU the refugees are facing racism and hate campaigns by the racist officials, now those irresponsible leaders are in power in EU parliament.It means our situation will be a nightmare even more than before.

On the humanitarian level and refugees in Italy are really need a declaration by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), to launch a plan of emergency assistance and food for the relief of many of the refugees who have been forced to live in buildings uninhabitable, and for those who sleep on the streets as well. For this purpose, it does not need to send materials via the airlift, but the question is, Where are those who represent (UNHCR) in the European Union?Because the homeless refugees are dying everyday in silence in Italy.

That there is a problem in how to treat the refugees, because the burden became too heavy for one state, the number of refugees has become greater than the power of one government, I believe that the one who can heal this sickness, now he is sleeping in Brussels, and I wish him night
mare dreams.

Paulos Yacob

Thank you


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