we love life in freedom


We reiterate our call on all refugees without discrimination to awaken our
consciences to restore our rights which have been lost. today we here to express
our anger because the bad anger is growing inside us day by day. because of the
racism and discrimination which is happening among refugees. and the
responsible person of this rubbish must take the responsibility, because we believe
that everyone is under the law and no one above the law.

We urge the EU, and Germany government to assume their responsibilities with
regard to respect for human rights, because there is no development without a
freedom and equal opportunities. stop to introduce politics into a discussion of
human rights issues, human rights is different Issue. no poverty, the fight against
terrorism, and economical crisis, or war, to justify the violation of human rights. to
respect human rights, it needs principle.

Racism and Xenophobia the growing hatred and vow tension mounts and deepen
the hatred between EU citizens and refugees and immigrants, and the Politicians
are creating war among poor people. and this racism will cause a big damages to
EU. And who will take the responsibility of this Cheap stupidity, for this that human
rights in the EU has become facing some distractions and unprecedented

The Siege of the refugees by means of the racist Dublin regulation II&III in the
lawlessness hell Italy is the risk of death, imagine how many homeless refugees
are sleeping in the street under this cold weather, i think it is clear About the size of
the suffering of the besieged refugees.

Those refugees were Fled from the dictatorships regimes to save their life, instead
of saving their life still they are from death to death, i mean the death of the ugly
cold weather. And of the racists police men attack, we demand on the EU human
rights defenders and U.N.H.C.R. to conduct investigations fast, accurate and
independent” for all human rights violations in the Irresponsible Italy.

We expressed of our grave concern of the violations of the security forces against
the victims of the evil Dublin regulations, serious of accounting especially during
the deportation. this aggression is against international convention of the 1951.
and we believe that the racist Dublin regulations, it is not above the international

Stop mixing your internal law, with the international law. i mean do
not mix hot oil, with cold water. we call on the authorities to ensure refrain from
excessive use of force because violence is not a solution.

Turkish President Erdogan pointed out that his country has received 200 000 Kurdish refugees from
Kobani, in addition to the 1.6 million Syrian refugees – compared to only 130 000 Syrian refugees
in Europa.

We would just like to say to the EU: Stop crying for nothing like a baby, try to learn from the
poor and small countries like Lebanon and Jordan, because these two poor countries are giving
hospitality to more than 1.5 million Syrian refugees. This is really a scandal for the great EU.
We are here in Germany to request from the German government help to solve our problems.
Unfortunately Germany became part of our problem instead of being a savior for our endless brutal

At the refugee reception centers, refugees are living just like chickens in tents, so where are the
human rights and the dignity of human beings? These are not signs of civilization.
Stop the discrimination between refugees by saying these are first class refugees and those others
are second class refugees! We believe that justice means one justice for all. Remember the German
constitution which says justice is equal for all! The purity of this racism and this discrimination we
face is disturbing. Please stop it!

We would like to work, we would like to be independent ourselves. We are no lazy people! Why
do you hold us just like war prisoners for one year and more, without German language school.
This is an aggression against us and a violation of our right to integration. A Chinese proverb says:
If someone asks you for a fish, do not give him a fish but show him how to catch that fish. We
are asking you to teach us and give us opportunities to catch fishes by ourselves. Please give us
opportunities to pure life, not to the life of beggars. Do not forget that we are part of this beautiful

We fled from the lawlessness of Italy searching for dignity and protection. Do not forget that we
are victims of the evil and racist Dublin regulations II & III. We will fight you peacefully to reach
our lost dignity inside the EU! We know that the sticks are in your cruel hands but we are never
afraid of you!
Fear of the future is worse than one’s present fortune.
No greater hell than to be a slave to fear.
Ben Jonson

If the EU fails to do justice, we should stand united for a just struggle for freedom, justice, dignity,
and equality. We know that we are powerless, but if we stand united we will prevail as seen in
many other countries where the powerful have been vanquished by the powerless. Victory will be



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