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To condemn the terror group ISIS, to condemn the inhuman action of EU, and the silence of the international community. With regard to the hopeless refugees in Libya, and to the victims of the Mediterranean sea now is time to give our voice to the voiceless refugees, we should remember our victims with lighting candles.
The biggest reason for the growing crisis in the region is in countries such as Syria, Eritrea, Somalia and others, which people are forced to flee away from areas of conflict and persecution in their own countries for searching peace and protection inside EU according to the Geneva convention it is an obligation to the EU to take the responsibility of these victims.
The only solution to the problem of forced migration is not confidential, the west must raise his hand from of our countries and let us live without interfering in our affairs, and to stop protecting and helping our dictators in the name of humanitarian, now is the time to the west to focus and combating against the western greedy itself in our national resources, and leave the third world for its people because we are sick and tired.

EU is missing an opportunity to correct the fatal mistakes of the past, the terror law which is ruling in Libya is in increased the atmosphere of hatred and abuse towards refugees, as we saw the beheaded of the refugees by the terrorist group ISIS and refugees life are still torn with a great fear, and EU standing to Destroy the smugglers’ boats to stop the wave of refugees from Libya what does it mean? it means green light to the terror group ISIS.

The longer the time in the spider house I mean Libya, we will lose lives of thousands of refugees perhaps more and more day after day, and we are asking is there an end for the powerless refugees who are still suffering in Libya under the devil ISIS and where is UNHCR?

The EU should remember that there is no any Mercy under the terror group ISIS, the deteriorating humanitarian and Insecurity situation prevents people to remain in Libya, that is why to escape out of Libya remains less dangerous than staying inside Libya the military alliance which will be led by EU, enforces a naval blockade on the refugees, the EU must change the scenario of racism behavior, because tears of the powerless refugees are raining just like water.

This happening because of the xenophobia inside EU Instead of solving the mortal situation of refugees, EU is increasing the brutal situation of the homeless refugees, with the cruel and inhuman system  by using the law of the jungles in the 21 century.
Soon Yemeni growing crisis will become a problem for EU itself, our request to  the west is, instead of selling weapons to the poor people, should stand to stop conflicts around the world and then there will be no any reason for the asylum seekers in anywhere.

The demonstration starts from Frankfurt train station.

Date Sat., 16/05/2015 time 14.00 We are inviting everyone for a pure unconditional solidarity. For more information, email refugiati.milano@gmail.com     REFUGEES FOR  FOR CHANGE

paulos Yacob


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