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nhuman Switzerland government is deporting refugees to the lawlessness Italy.

A Questionable Asylum Case Moves to Geneva

Swiss Policemen Take Amanuel G in Front of His Family and Deported Him to Italy

www.tagesanzeiger.ch | March 29, 2016

Policemen have taken Amanuel G. in front of his family into custody and deported him to Italy. Politicians fight back for the Eritreans – with a prominent exception.

The scenes go and wife Shishay doesn’t stop thinking. She says: “It was four in the morning. My husband Amanuel and I have not heard the police. Suddenly I woke up and looked at the end of our bed officials are. Also one of our two daughters were with us in bed, exceptionally, because she was sick. ”

The police had ordered them not to move, and her and her husband forbidden to converse in their language. Amanuel had put clothes over his pajamas and must hurry to pack a few belongings in a bag.

“We were shocked. I could not say goodbye to my husband. He was not even possible to embrace our children, “says the pregnant woman in the fifth month.

Later it turned out: Six policemen and a security guard were involved in the action. They accompanied the 32-year-olds from a Geneva asylum institution in which his family is housed, and drove him to the border to Chiasso. They handed him over to the Italian authorities.

Using Alt-Federal Councillors

After Italy, Eritrea Amanuel G. came in July 2009 as a political refugee, after five long months in November, he received a residence permit, but he went to live on the street. The church or charitable institutions helped with food. His wife and her daughter Shishay applied in 2011 in Switzerland for asylum. Aldo Brina, spokesman for the Geneva Centre Social Protestant charity (CSP), which looks after the family says: “Amanuel G. his wife described his life in Italy and did not want his family had to live in the same precarious conditions.” The woman and her daughter were assigned Geneva, where she attended Amanuel few times.

In 2013 the couple had a second daughter. In 2014 Shishay and her daughters received  a provisional residence permit in Switzerland. To live permanently and legally with his family, Amanuel G. requested in July 2014, Switzerland also asylum.But the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) did not approve because of his valid asylum status in Italy. An appeal to the Federal Administrative Court was unsuccessful. The SEM announced on request, it could not comment because of “reasons of privacy and data protection”.

“Here a humanitarian solution must be found. It is about the welfare of children. “Old National Councillor Martine Brunschwig Graf.

Following the Court judgment of January 4, 2016 Amanuel G. was threatened with deportation to Italy and therefore the family separation. That he is regarded as caring, well-integrated family man and has never committed a crime in Switzerland, did not matter.

In February the charity CSP launched a petition against the family separation. About 4500 signatures gathered. The Alt-Federal Councillors Ruth Dreifuss and Micheline Calmy-Rey (both SP) and the former National Councillor Martine Brunschwig Graf (FDP) called on the cantonal asylum responsible to refrain from a family break. Brunschwig Graf says: “The legal system may be clear. But here a humanitarian solution must be found. It is about the welfare of children – even the unborn child “The police action to the morning at four o’clock they called unreasonable as” “..

Also SP National and Mitpetitionär Carlo Sommaruga talks about a “dramatic situation”. Sommaruga doubts that Geneva’s security director Pierre Maudet (FDP) did everything for getting from Justice Minister Simonetta Sommaruga a “residence permit for humanitarian reasons”.

Maudets justification

State Maudet took over in an interview with the “Tribune de Genève” responsibility for the actions. The police had used no violence; Amanuel G. was able to say goodbye to his wife and children. Maudet assured that he had wanted in Bern for alternative solutions, even after that, despite a court decision to reassess the dossier. “The answer was negative,” the State Council said.

According to research by Tagesanzeiger.ch/Newsnet Maudet has at a meeting of Cantonal Justice and Police Directors talked about the dossier, but never chat with Federal Councillor Sommaruga privately about it. Faced with this, shares his spokeswoman: “Pierre Maudet has the dossier anonymously to a meeting with Federal Councillor Sommaruga presented.”

The Vaud SP-National Councillor and State law professor Cesla Amarelle referred Maudets action as “unacceptable”. She is surprised that Maudet as quickly acted in the case Amanuel G., “when there are a certain number of offenders among asylum seekers, you would first have to deport”. Amarelle assumes that the government would be more tolerant in their home canton of Vaud and could live with his family the man. She looks for Amanuel G. two possibilities: either he receives for himself, his wife and children family asylum in Italy. Or would succeed him find in Switzerland a job. In this case, he might be, because the family would no longer be dependent on social assistance – a condition for family reunification.

But Amanuel G. has other worries these days. He is in Rome. He should get a new residence permit. This could take months. The birth of his third child moves closer meanwhile.


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