we love life in freedom

tear down Dublin racist Wall.

the siege of refugees by means of the racist Dublin regulation II, III in the lawlessness hell Italy is the risk of death, attention how many homeless refugees in this moment are sleeping in the street under this cold weather, I think it is clear about the suffering of the besieged refugees. and health situation of refugees in Italy is compounded because of the blockade, of the racist Dublin Wall. most of the refugees live in the buildings that have not yet completed construction or in dirty Abandoned Houses. Acute shortages of food and basic necessities. I can describe the situation of refugees in Italy catastrophic thread more serious and dangerous, in the light of the lack of warning from international organizations to follow up on this humanitarian issue is very sensitive, it means a green light to the lawless Italy, for to be more lawlessness. do not forget that Italy is one of the member states of the great EU, and it is very funny. at the same time, it is too rude to EU

to discover the truth by yourself, please watch this documentary. I was the actor of this film, because of my activities and peaceful fight for my rights the Italian government decided to revoke my status of refugees.

Paulos Yacob



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