we love life in freedom


I would like to express my anger because it is growing inside me every day, also to blame this institution because I believe that every state has to follow the 1951 refugees recommendation, no state’s interest in the international conventions, and I believe that justice is one and that justice must be for all, because the racism and discrimination we face is disturbing. the seed of the Nazi Hitler and Fascist Mussolini are growing by different names “Peggyda” between right-wing extremist, currents and new in the the group known as “hooligans” those led Europe to ruin. the history never forgives to anyone, therefore I do not believe the civilized people of EU will give them a chance to repeat their ugly history and their stupidity again. they will lose just like their fathers Hitler and Mussolini. also, I believe the civilize and good people of EU will throw them to the rubbish again because the right place to them is Garbages. The politician’s of the son”s of Hitler and Mussolini feed racism and xenophobia they feed the growing hatred between EU citizens and refugees and migrants the racism will cause great harm to the Europian union, so, who will take the responsibility of this ruin? which is a destruction and an unprecedented challenge to the human rights of refugees and migrants and their life in dignity.

western countries are in the name of democracy interfering in many countries and helping the tyrant in Eritrea and many tyrants in the name of humanitarian. therefore the greed system caused many types of blood and many damages, and many people are fleeing their countries and the blood of innocent victims are running like a river in the everywhere corner inside the third world, now the evils of the new world order are crying of their ugly mistakes and greed.

in accordance with the constitution law in EU and we believe justice for all please check what is written in the EU constitution and we do not believe that is available on papers only for decoration.





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