we love life in freedom

My Haunted homeland Eritrea.

many voices coming from jail, torture, even of the graves because their soul still does not rest in peace, after long suffering from colonies when the revolution fighters in 1991 entered Asmara we were happy because we thought that the long suffer from the Eritrea people has been the end? because Eritrea was the homeland we were looking for, Christians and Muslims both blessed our new homeland everyone was happy.

the dictator regime in Eritrea began working like his imaginary ghosts of Africans tyrants to rule the country by force, he killed many there are more than 35 thousand political prisoners, 22 journalists,15 ministers, for more than 15 years they are in prison without trial and most of them are dead in jail.

Many believe there are much invisible, but in Eritrea, we have visible ghosts. wherever you goes in Eritrea you can see these ghosts and that why you do not need any efforts or the paranormal researcher society investigators to reveal them, because in Eritrea they are killing and sucking blood under the Sun lights.

Eritrea is beautiful and Eritrea has many places for us and for the foreigners, but the tyrant landlord ghost unfortunate he was thirsty to our blood, even the blessing of Christians and Muslimes does not work, shape of evils and nightmare become reality in Eritrea  that is why people have fled Eritrea and many are waiting to get a chance to flee Eritrea to save their own lives because our sweet dream become a nightmare please remember, to be a refuge is not a choice.

I know that the Eritrean people become burdens to the international community like many refugees, but what we can do, and there is nothing we can do the only way is to escape from the mouth of the bloodsucker tyrant and it is one of our basic rights to search for the protection and it the right to all mankind and it is an obligation because we love life, freedom, dignity, and liberty. therefore we hate to be refugees because everywhere you go do not forget that there is no land there like your homeland.

Paulos Yacob


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