we love life in freedom



twenty-six years under unjust.
twenty-six years under fear.
twenty-six years under panic.
twenty-six years of death.
twenty-six years without the constitution.
twenty-six years without freedom.
twenty-six years without liberty.
twenty-six years no war no peace.
twenty-six years under the rule of the bloodsucker dictator Isaias Afewerki.
twenty-six years Eritrean people in the escape.
twenty-six years under one ruling party.
twenty-six years without freedom of speech.
twenty-six years without democracy.
twenty-six years life of slavery.
twenty-six years no freedom of the free press.
twenty-six years with the poverty.
twenty-six years under unfair. One man, he can do whatever he want he is killing and stealing the resources of the country, he poisoned people without trial, the tyrant in Eritrea is committing war crimes against Eritrean people, that is why the great popular angry in all cities and towns around the world in diaspora people are demonstrating shouting against the bandits calling for justice and liberty in Eritrea, remember to demonstrate in Eritrea for your rights is not allowed, after many years of suffering the Eritrean people began, to believe that now the time has come for the change in Eritrea and those refugees are who fled off the Dracula and they are the victim of the dictator, that dictator who ruin our country.

they live under the protection of the international community according to the Geneva recommendation. The ongoing refugee crisis as a result of painful stories in Eritrea; and the impossible decisions and difficult choices that refugees have to make as they move to what they think is a better life, and those refugees are who remain in life by chance from the death of the cruel Mediterranean sea, because many refugees have died and they lie down at the bottom of the sea; they do not find a state willing to recover the bodies of their citizens and even bodies washed away by the waves to the shores of Europe have not had the funding to identify them via DNA.

the dictator after caused many suffer to Eritrean people, now the dictator want to celebrate the independence day on this month it is funny, at some time it is too rude, what kind of independence is this, independence without liberty. to celebrate because we become freed after many years of the colonization but Eritrean people still are living the life of modern slavery under the inhuman and cruel dictator Isaias Afewerki.



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