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We reiterate our call on all refugees without discrimination to awaken our
consciences to restore our rights which have been lost. today we here to express
our anger because the bad anger is growing inside us day by day. because of the
racism and discrimination which is happening among refugees. and the
responsible person of this rubbish must take the responsibility, because we believe
that everyone is under the law and no one above the law.

We urge the EU, and Germany government to assume their responsibilities with
regard to respect for human rights, because there is no development without a
freedom and equal opportunities. stop to introduce politics into a discussion of
human rights issues, human rights is different Issue. no poverty, the fight against
terrorism, and economical crisis, or war, to justify the violation of human rights. to
respect human rights, it needs principle.

Racism and Xenophobia the growing hatred and vow tension mounts and deepen
the hatred between EU citizens and refugees and immigrants, and the Politicians
are creating war among poor people. and this racism will cause a big damages to
EU. And who will take the responsibility of this Cheap stupidity, for this that human
rights in the EU has become facing some distractions and unprecedented

The Siege of the refugees by means of the racist Dublin regulation II&III in the
lawlessness hell Italy is the risk of death, imagine how many homeless refugees
are sleeping in the street under this cold weather, i think it is clear About the size of
the suffering of the besieged refugees.

Those refugees were Fled from the dictatorships regimes to save their life, instead
of saving their life still they are from death to death, i mean the death of the ugly
cold weather. And of the racists police men attack, we demand on the EU human
rights defenders and U.N.H.C.R. to conduct investigations fast, accurate and
independent” for all human rights violations in the Irresponsible Italy.

We expressed of our grave concern of the violations of the security forces against
the victims of the evil Dublin regulations, serious of accounting especially during
the deportation. this aggression is against international convention of the 1951.
and we believe that the racist Dublin regulations, it is not above the international

Stop mixing your internal law, with the international law. i mean do
not mix hot oil, with cold water. we call on the authorities to ensure refrain from
excessive use of force because violence is not a solution.

Turkish President Erdogan pointed out that his country has received 200 000 Kurdish refugees from
Kobani, in addition to the 1.6 million Syrian refugees – compared to only 130 000 Syrian refugees
in Europa.

We would just like to say to the EU: Stop crying for nothing like a baby, try to learn from the
poor and small countries like Lebanon and Jordan, because these two poor countries are giving
hospitality to more than 1.5 million Syrian refugees. This is really a scandal for the great EU.
We are here in Germany to request from the German government help to solve our problems.
Unfortunately Germany became part of our problem instead of being a savior for our endless brutal

At the refugee reception centers, refugees are living just like chickens in tents, so where are the
human rights and the dignity of human beings? These are not signs of civilization.
Stop the discrimination between refugees by saying these are first class refugees and those others
are second class refugees! We believe that justice means one justice for all. Remember the German
constitution which says justice is equal for all! The purity of this racism and this discrimination we
face is disturbing. Please stop it!

We would like to work, we would like to be independent ourselves. We are no lazy people! Why
do you hold us just like war prisoners for one year and more, without German language school.
This is an aggression against us and a violation of our right to integration. A Chinese proverb says:
If someone asks you for a fish, do not give him a fish but show him how to catch that fish. We
are asking you to teach us and give us opportunities to catch fishes by ourselves. Please give us
opportunities to pure life, not to the life of beggars. Do not forget that we are part of this beautiful

We fled from the lawlessness of Italy searching for dignity and protection. Do not forget that we
are victims of the evil and racist Dublin regulations II & III. We will fight you peacefully to reach
our lost dignity inside the EU! We know that the sticks are in your cruel hands but we are never
afraid of you!
Fear of the future is worse than one’s present fortune.
No greater hell than to be a slave to fear.
Ben Jonson

If the EU fails to do justice, we should stand united for a just struggle for freedom, justice, dignity,
and equality. We know that we are powerless, but if we stand united we will prevail as seen in
many other countries where the powerful have been vanquished by the powerless. Victory will be


we will never forget victims of mediterranean sea



Once again, over 500 refugees died last week in the Mediterranean Sea on
their way to Europe. For people who haven’t experienced that journey or
who have no personal bonds with the victims, this means just abstract
numbers. People don’t really have an idea, how refugees suffer by
leaving their place of birth, their relatives and their whole life
behind in order to go on a journey full of risks and fears. To “ignore”
is what people do every time they watch or read the news on refugees
that died in the Mediterranean Sea and do nothing. Another way of
ignoring is simply “forgetting” about the many refugees who have already
managed to come to Europe and that are now denied the right to stay and
a life in dignity. That’s why we must remember the refugees who passed
away by doing everything we can to fight for the rights of refugees who
are in Europe or still suffering along our borders.

Police and politicians often treat refugees like criminals, especially
when they resist to be deported back to their countries of origin or
back to the countries where they first entered the EU. Racism and
nationalism are still the foundation of the so called “European asylum
system”. Marginalization, poverty and even the killing of people are
widely accepted within and along our borders.

The Dublin Regulation distributes the responsibilities for asylum
seekers among the EU member states. According to it, the country of
first entry is responsible for the examination of the asylum
application. Because of the Dublin regulation, people are permanently
pushed back and forth between the EU states. Deportation caused by the
Dublin regulation is a form of institutionalized racism, since it takes
away the right of people to live in peace and dignity wherever they feel
secure. In order to change this, we need the support of everyone living
in Europe that believes in human rights. We need them to make pressure
and to oblige the politicians to abolish the racist EU regulations. It
is not enough to read the news on the violations committed against
refugees’ rights by the EU and by the police. After long suffering,
refugees are today raising their voices and fingers to the EU! This
voice needs to be heard and supported actively by everyone until it
becomes so loud that it can’t be ignored anymore!

That’s why we are calling everyone to demonstrate with us, to remember
the refugees that died and protest against marginalization and racism –
and for the right to stay for everyone! We need your support, because we

unprotected refuge

Paulos Yacob

life of refugees in italy, are insecurity

I presented this article at the seminar of STIPENDIATENSCHAFT DER FRIEDRICH-EBERT-STIFTUNG to the university students, after we watched the film (Trappola the trap ) and then there was an open discussion.,,,,                                       babi4

Our appeal is to immediately halt the operations carried out by these angels without wings of Dublin regulation II & III, against the victims of the racist, Dublin regulation II & III. The aggression of the tyrant in Eritrea against the Eritrean people
began has caused the displacement of tens of thousands of Eritreans, who took refuge in every corner in this planet to save their lives. I am one of them. But instead of fighting against the dictator in Eritrea, we are fighting against the EU, searching for our rights and our dignity in Europe. We forgot our problems to live because of the problems caused by the EU, so where is the difference between dictator states and democratic states?

Without it, the EU will lose the right to talk about human rights, which means about the human value. Because human rights is not for sale. but here in the European Union, we saw a lot of business makers in the name of human rights and refugees` rights. We can see the EU losing its integrity day by day also on the diplomatic front.

And the mass media inside the EU, I cannot judge all of them, but the majority have lost credibility because they have become slaves for those who pay more. Unfortunately, we cannot pay them because we are poor refugees. German newspapers dealt with the subject of the aggression on refugees rights by the EU and by the German police, but until now there is no answer from the politicians because they want to kill our voice silently. So why do they talk so much about humanity and human rights at the parliament? I do not trust them because what they are saying is not true.

We have many fears. Our fears started when we were under the dictator rule in Eritrea, also when we fled from Eritrea with fear, in Sudan with fear, in Libya with fear, to cross the Mediterranean sea with fear, in Italy also with fear because we lived in the streets like vagabonds. here in Germany we live with fear. A fear of deportation to the lawlessness of Italy. From our birth until now we live with fear. Sometimes we feel that we are not part of this beautiful planet. I do not know why they hate us?

The blood sucker dictatorship regimes in Africa torture us physically ,here in the first world they are still torturing us psychologically, we do not know where to go because we are tired. Is there somewhere outside this planet for the powerless refugees? Because our world of today is only for the powerful Tens of thousands of refugees, victims of war and persecution living in conditions of insecurity, exclusion and discrimination and racism. In Italy, in recent years we were faced with the refusal of governments and communities that deny decent reception to refugees.

In Italy refugees are still struggling for their rights and dignity, but we did not see any news in the mass media in the EU. Do you know why? Because EU is ashamed about the scandals, which are present in Italy, Italy is a member state of the EU, difficult to blame Italy, because because Italy is one part of its own body. We will be madly happy if there will be investigations by those who call themselves human rights defenders, to investigate the aggression and the stench of racism which is smelling now in EU.

Why is the EU stealing our rights and smuggling them away from the eyes of the international community. No one can ask why to the great EU? But today I would like to ask the EU, why the policy of double standards? Now we can see many refugees are escaping for their lives due to the ugly treatment in the lawless Greece. But those refugees are now finding acceptance in other EU countries. as we know even Greece is a memberstate of the Racist Dublin regulation.

But the EU does not give any declaration about the refugees who fled from Greece. Because Greece is also a member state of the EU, such a declaration could bring stench to the EU. Due to the name of the great EU, they are doing these scandals in silence Even here in Germany, they accept you immediately if they love the color of your eyes, This is what we call discrimination. So how can the prospects of human progress develop in the EU?

After long suffering, why are the refugees today raising their voices and their fingers to the EU? In relation to raise or decrease the volume we can say due to the human rights violation and intentional racism, which we are facing everyday. and it’s in regard to the nature of the brutal discrimination. The EU should take the responsibility of the consequences of the raised fingers of the refugees.

They said many words about civilization, they put themselves in the first place, but when we see the way they treat the victims of the racist Dublin regulation II & II, and when we have analyzed it,we discover that they have the wrong education about civilization, or they do not know what is the meaning of civilization, because civilization means humanity, equality, and liberty. What is happening to the hopeless refugees in the EU? We consider it as it is an immoral shame and
criminal act, as a gross violation of international humanitarian law.

The influx of refugees from Italy in EU countries goes on, because they are still living under humiliation. The management of this file is still subject to political outbidding by the EU governments. In the EU the refugees are facing racism and hate campaigns by the racist officials, now those irresponsible leaders are in power in EU parliament.It means our situation will be a nightmare even more than before.

On the humanitarian level and refugees in Italy are really need a declaration by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), to launch a plan of emergency assistance and food for the relief of many of the refugees who have been forced to live in buildings uninhabitable, and for those who sleep on the streets as well. For this purpose, it does not need to send materials via the airlift, but the question is, Where are those who represent (UNHCR) in the European Union?Because the homeless refugees are dying everyday in silence in Italy.

That there is a problem in how to treat the refugees, because the burden became too heavy for one state, the number of refugees has become greater than the power of one government, I believe that the one who can heal this sickness, now he is sleeping in Brussels, and I wish him night
mare dreams.

Paulos Yacob

Thank you

reaction of the media

This is the Result of the press conference. We will fights against any inhuman laws.
To hell racist Dublin regulations II&III.
Paulos Yacob

Dear all,

see here the media reactions to the Open Letter concerning church
asylum. We will bring an english translation of the articles soon!


DEUTSCHLANDFUNK: Die Freiheit endet am Gartenzaun

PRO ASYL: Kirchenasyl: „Heute gibt es einen Zusammenhalt, der vorher
nicht da war“

JUNGE WELT: Zufluchtsort Kirche

EVANGELISCH AKTUELL: Flüchtlinge richten Offenen Brief an Hessens

RADIO X: Kirchenasyl

and here the link to our movie about church asylum:

All the best,


Last Tuesday 22/07/20014 we had press conference with represents of churches. At this moment there are about 200 refugees who live under protection of the churches. and I released the statement, and the were good participation of journalists and TV. i hope this could stop the attack of the cruelty of the police men here in Germany.

I am Paulos Yacob and I would like to present myself as one of the Refugees for Change. We are here to demand the solidarity of the churches because of the attacks of the police here in Germany. I hope you will understand our pain and our endless problems.

we, the refugees, what we need, is protection, solidarity and hospitality.
We are tired of being treated worse than animals because of the racist Dublin regulations. Everywhere inside the European Union we are hunted like criminals. But we did not commit any crime, all we came for is a better life and protection.

Today we are here to demand our lost basic human rights as well as
refugees rights in the lawlessness countries. At the same time we are
concrete evidences for the ugly situation of refugees everywhere inside
the EU. And particularly we are evidences for the effects of the racist
Dublin regulations II and III.

In Italy we have less rights than dogs. Because the dogs at least know
when they should eat, when they should wash themselves. Not even this is
possible for the refugees there. The refugees in Italy smell just like
dead fish, because we have the right to take a shower twice a month at
churches. We eat one time a day like camels, also at the churches. We
sleep on the streets just like vagabonds, always in fear of and under
the heavy pressure of the racist law and attacks by racist police men.
You see, we are not here in Germany for vacation but we are here for

Why do we always witness waves of refugees fleeing from countries such
as Italy, Malta, Bulgaria and Greece? Why wouldn’t the refugees flee
from other countries inside the EU? If you ask yourselves these
questions now, I am sure you will see the answer. We know that everyone
has full information about the bad living conditions and the miserable
lives of refugees in the lawlessness countries. Please use your common
sense because civilization means humanity.
unprotested refugee
Paulos Yacob

we are fighing

uwanderung in Rhein-Main
Die Lage in Osteuropa und Afrika wirkt sich aus auch auf Rhein-Main.
Frankfurter Rundschau » Frankfurt/Rhein-Main » Dossier » Flucht und Zuwanderung » Zuwanderung in Rhein-Main
09. April 2014
Flüchtlinge in Frankfurt Für Flüchtlingsrechte
Von Marie-Sophie Adeoso
Viele der Protestierenden haben auf dem Mittelmeer ihr Leben riskiert, um Europa zu erreichen. Foto: peter-juelich.com

Rund 200 Asylsuchende demonstrieren in der Frankfurt Innenstadt gegen die Dublin III-Verordnung, wonach jener EU-Staat für das Asylverfahren zuständig ist, in dem dieser zuerst europäischen Boden betreten hat. Viele Protestierende fürchten wegen dieser Gesetzgebung die Abschiebung nach Italien.
Drucken per Mail

Zum zweiten Mal innerhalb von drei Wochen haben Flüchtlinge in Frankfurt gegen die europäische Asylpolitik protestiert. Rund 200 Flüchtlinge und Unterstützer zogen am Dienstagnachmittag vom Hauptbahnhof aus durch die Innenstadt, vorbei am Büro der CDU-Römerfraktion bis zur SPD-Geschäftsstelle in der Fischerfeldstraße. Dabei skandierten sie Parolen gegen die sogenannte Dublin III-Verordnung, wonach jener EU-Staat für das Asylverfahren eines Flüchtlings zuständig ist, in dem dieser zuerst europäischen Boden betreten hat.

Viele der Protestierenden, die momentan in Frankfurt und umliegenden Kommunen des Rhein-Main-Gebiets leben, fürchten auf Grund dieser Gesetzgebung die Abschiebung nach Italien. Die meisten von ihnen kommen aus afrikanischen Staaten wie Eritrea und Somalia und haben auf dem Weg nach Europa ihr Leben bei der Überquerung des Mittelmeers riskiert.
Demonstration in der Frankfurter Innenstadt
Bildergalerie (12 Bilder)

„Hier in Deutschland geht es mir gut“, sagt Omar Mohamed Ahmed. Aber er habe große Angst davor, wieder nach Italien zurückgeschickt zu werden, denn dort gebe es für ihn „keine Perspektive. Ich habe auf der Straße geschlafen, ohne Essen, ohne Arbeit“, erzählt der 20-Jährige, den eine anderthalbjährige Odyssee aus Somalia bis auf die italienische Insel Lampedusa geführt hatte, ehe er sich weiter nach Deutschland durchschlug. Auch der Eritreer Paulos Yacob lebte jahrelang in Italien. Der 42-Jährige, der die Demonstration wie schon die vorangegangene im März maßgeblich organisiert hatte, ruft lauthals ins Mikrofon: „Wir brauchen Gerechtigkeit und Schutz! Wir sind keine Kriminellen, sondern Opfer der Dublin-Verordnung!“ Die Polizei solle aufhören, Menschen mitten in der Nacht aus den Betten zu holen und abzuschieben.
Von der CDU-Fraktion kommt niemand

Unterstützung erhalten die Flüchtlinge von Aktivisten der No-Border-Gruppe, die während der Demonstration die englischen Sprechchöre ins Deutsche übersetzen und sich redlich Mühe geben, Passanten zu erklären, was es mit so sperrigen Begriffen wie Dublin III auf sich hat. Es sei eine „spannende Entwicklung“, dass Flüchtlinge in der Region vermehrt selbst für ihre Rechte einträten, sagt No-Border-Aktivist Lukas. Lokalpolitiker müssten umdenken und sehen, dass sie für die Menschen hier vor Ort, die von der EU-Asylpolitik beeinflusst werden, Verantwortung übernehmen müssten, erklärt er, warum der Protestzug Halt macht bei CDU und SPD, die auf Bundesebene die EU-Politik stützten.

Von der CDU-Fraktion lässt sich aber niemand blicken, als die Protestierenden in der Bethmannstraße stehen und die Politiker lauthals zum Gespräch auffordern So geht es weiter zur SPD, wo der Unterbezirksvorsitzende Mike Josef und Landtagsabgeordnete Turgut Yüksel bereits auf der Straße warten. Eine Delegation um Paulos Yacob begleitet sie nach drinnen, während sich die Demonstration langsam auflöst.
Marie-Sophie Adeoso
Marie-Sophie Adeoso
Redakteurin, Frankfurt/Rhein-Main

Nachrichten aus Deutschland und der Welt – Frankfurter Rundschau
Frankfurt/Rhein-Main Politik Wirtschaft Panorama Sport Kultur Leben Mehr
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Zuwanderung in Rhein-Main
Die Lage in Osteuropa und Afrika wirkt sich aus auch auf Rhein-Main.
Frankfurter Rundschau » Frankfurt/Rhein-Main » Dossier » Flucht und Zuwanderung » Zuwanderung in Rhein-Main
08. April 2014
Flüchtlinge „Europa schiebt uns hin und her“
Von Marie-Sophie Adeoso
“Protest ist unsere einzige Alternative, ein wenig E8influss zu nehmen”: Paulos Yacob (Mitte) bei der Demo vor drei Wochen. Foto: Alex Kraus

Dort, wo Paulos Yacob herkommt, werden Menschen “willkürlich getötet und verhaftet”, sagt der Flüchtlingsaktivist aus Eritrea. Auch in Italien sei sein Leben bedroht, und doch soll er dorthin zurück. Im FR-Interview spricht er über die heutige Demonstration gegen die EU-Asylgesetze, die Menschen wie Spielbälle behandle.
Drucken per Mail

Herr Yacob, warum sind Sie nach Europa geflüchtet?

Ich komme aus Eritrea, einer Diktatur, wo Menschen willkürlich getötet und verhaftet werden. Ich bin von dort geflohen, um Frieden, Würde und Schutz zu finden. Über den Sudan, Syrien und die Türkei kam ich übers Mittelmeer nach Italien.

Weshalb sind Sie von dort weiter nach Deutschland gereist?

Ich hatte nur gefälschte Papiere und es hat Jahre gedauert, ehe ich legale bekam. Ich konnte in dieser Zeit nicht arbeiten und habe auf der Straße geschlafen. Das war hart, einmal hat mich jemand mit dem Messer angegriffen und versucht, mich umzubringen. Ich bin nicht aus Eritrea geflohen, um in Italien mein Leben zu riskieren, sondern um es zu retten!
Zur Person

Paulos Yacob, 42, ist aus Eritrea geflüchtet. Wie vielen Flüchtlingen droht ihm aufgrund der EU-Gesetze die Abschiebung nach Italien, wo er lebte, ehe er ins Rhein-Main-Gebiet kam.

Die Demonstration zieht heute ab 14.30 Uhr vom Hauptbahnhof (Kaisersack) zur CDU-Fraktion, Bethmannstraße 3, und zur SPD-Geschäftsstelle, Fischerfeldstraße 7-11. (msa)

Nun leben Sie in Eschborn. Wie geht es Ihnen dort?

Nachdem ich in Italien war, habe ich nicht mehr erwartet, irgendwo gastfreundlich behandelt zu werden. Ich danke der deutschen Regierung dafür, dass ich nun in einer guten Situation leben kann. Ich habe mein eigenes Zimmer, ich bekomme Geld für Essen. Vorher dachte ich, dass Europa die Genfer Flüchtlingskonvention überhaupt nicht achtet. Aber hier habe ich gemerkt: Es gibt doch Gerechtigkeit. Man kann hier sogar ohne Angst demonstrieren.

Nach der Dublin-Verordnung im EU-Asylrecht, wonach Flüchtlinge dort Asyl beantragen müssen, wo sie zuerst europäischen Boden betreten, droht ihnen aber die Abschiebung nach Italien.

Ja, wir Flüchtlinge sind Opfer dieser Gesetzgebung, die uns von Land zu Land schiebt. Die spielen mit uns wie mit einem Fußball.

Dagegen protestieren Sie heute zum zweiten Mal in drei Wochen. Was wollen Sie erreichen?

Aufmerksamkeit, weil viele Leute nicht wissen, was unser Problem ist. Sie wissen nicht, dass die Polizei morgens um vier Uhr kommt, um uns abzuschieben. In Italien war mein Leben bedroht, man kann mich nicht zwingen, dorthin zurückzugehen. Dagegen werde ich mich wehren. Wir alle sind nicht hier, um Urlaub zu machen, sondern um Schutz, Würde und Gerechtigkeit zu finden.

Warum demonstrieren sie ausgerechnet vor den lokalen Parteizentralen von CDU und SPD?

Beide Parteien sind als Teil der Bundesregierung Unterstützer des Dublin-Systems. Wir möchten sie fragen, warum sie dieses System unterstützen. Wir sind doch der lebende Beweis für die Probleme des Systems.
Mehr dazu
Stadt soll weiter Zuflucht bieten

Schon im März haben Flüchtlinge in Frankfurt demonstriert, in Hanau hat sich ein Lampedusa-Bündnis gegründet. Formiert sich gerade eine neue Flüchtlingsbewegung in der Region?

Ja. Gemeinsam für die eigenen Rechte einzutreten, hilft gegen die Angst. Wir sind nicht nur Flüchtlinge, die in Italien registriert sind, sondern mittlerweile haben sich uns viele angeschlossen, die andere Probleme haben. Manche warten monatelang auf eine Anhörung im Asylverfahren, manche müssen mit sechs Leuten in einem Zimmer schlafen. Außerdem haben wir viel Solidarität von den Aktivisten der Frankfurter No-Border-Gruppe bekommen. Denn als wir anfingen, die erste Demonstration zu organisieren, wussten wir gar nicht, wo wir sie anmelden müssen.

Wird es von nun an regelmäßig Proteste in Frankfurt geben?

Ja, wir haben doch keine Alternative. Unser Recht auf Demonstrationsfreiheit wahrzunehmen ist die einzige Art und Weise, wie wir ein wenig Einfluss nehmen können. Das Dublin-System und Abschiebungen nach Italien sind ein europäischer Skandal. Es ist enttäuschend für die Demokratie. Aber niemanden kümmert das, wir werden ignoriert und marginalisiert. Deshalb erheben wir jetzt unsere Stimme.

Interview: Marie-Sophie Adeoso
Marie-Sophie Adeoso
Marie-Sophie Adeoso
Redakteurin, Frankfurt/Rhein-Mainmm

Europe pushes us back and forth”

Where Paulos Yacob comes from, people are “arbitrarily killed and arrested,” says the refugee activist from Eritrea. Also in Italy his life was threatened, and yet he shall back there. In FR interview he talks about today’s demonstration against the EU asylum laws that treat people as pawns.

Mr. Yacob why you have fled to Europe?
I come from Eritrea, a dictatorship where people are arbitrarily arrested and killed. I fled from there to find peace, dignity and protection. About the Sudan, Syria and Turkey, I came across the Mediterranean to Italy.

Why do you have traveled from there to Germany?
I only had forged papers and it took years before I got legal. I could not work at this time and slept on the street. That was hard, once someone has attacked me with a knife and tried to kill me. I have not fled from Eritrea to risk my life in Italy, but to save it!

Now you live in Eschborn. How are you there?
Once I was in Italy, I did not expect to be treated somewhere hospitable. I thank the German Government that I can now live in a good situation. I have my own room, I get money for food. Before, I thought that Europe did not respect Geneva Convention. But here I’ve noticed: There’s justice. You can even demonstrate without fear here.

According to the Dublin Regulation in the EU asylum law, which requires refugees to seek asylum there where they enter first European soil, refugees are threatened with deportation to Italy.
Yes, we are victims of these refugees legislation that pushes us from country to country. The play with us as with a football.

Against this you are protesting today for the second time in three weeks. What do you want to achieve?
Attention because many people do not know what our problem is. You do not know that the police come in the morning at four clock to deport us. In Italy, my life was in danger, you can not force me to go back there. On the other hand I will defend myself. We all are not here to go on holiday, but to find protection, dignity and justice.

Why do you demonstrate just before the local party headquarters of the CDU and SPD?
Both parties are available as part of the Federal Government supporters of the Dublin system. We want to ask them why they support this system. We’re living proof of the problems of the system.

In March refugees have demonstrated in Frankfurt, in Hanau, a Lampedusa Alliance was established. Has there been formed just a new movement of refugees in the region?
Yes. to stand up together for their rights, helps against fear. We are not only refugees who are registered in Italy, but now many have connected to us who have other problems. Some wait months for a hearing in the asylum process , some have to sleep with six people in a room. We also got a lot of solidarity by the activists of the Frankfurt No Border group. Because when we started to organize the first demonstration, we did not know where we need to register it.

Will there be protests in Frankfurt regularly from now on?
Yes, because we have no alternative. Exercise our right to freedom of demonstration is the only way how we can take a little influence. The Dublin system and deportation to Italy are a European scandal. It is disappointing for democracy. But no one cares, we are ignored and marginalized. So now we raise our voices.
unprotected refugee
Paulos Yacob

Interview: Marie -Sophie Adeoso


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