we love life in freedom

human rights is not for sale


We are refugees from Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan and Somalia and we escaped from blood suckers dictatorship Governments. We are here for protection.  and our question is not politic but it is human right call. we do not believe there is protraction for refugees who sleep in the street. we will ask the Italian state to respect our right because now is the right time. and to respected the europium quality of human right We live in the street like rubbish inside garbage’s and we are obliged to live in Italy because of our digital finger prints are stored into Italian state, according to Dublin agreement. Dublin agreement for us seems like the Nazi depression against Jewish when Hitler was controlled their movement. The refugees in Italy don’t have almost any rights and we didn’t ashamed or we didn’t feel shy if today we stand as one man for our rights, because our right means our life We are tired to try to build ourselves from zero and at last still find ourselves in zero yet. We have fear for our future because our future looks like nightmare. Since long time we live with fear. Now even the fear is tired of us. The Italian state gave us two ways. If we accept the first one we will die silently and if we refuse it we will die quickly. So we prefer to die quickly without suffer. When we went to the Commune and Prefectures of Milan we gave them three solutions: To cancel our digital finger prints so that we could take our opportunity in others European countries. To give us the letter to go out of Italy and they refused to do So. we tried  to the third EU country to go on foot. The result was they blocked us on the road and kicked us like animals. We want you to imagine your life without house. We have the rights to clean ourselves at least twice a month. At Caritas our body smell like dead fish. Remember  we have the same right in this beautiful planet! The second step  they tried to divide us. After all that inhuman action today we are stronger more than yesterday. Stop yours ancient jokes, because you can fool some people for some times, but you can not fool all  the people all the time. It’s insanity to tray over and over again for the same result. The south of Italy is the gate of Italy we came through that road but  doesn’t mean that we have the address over there. Every city wants to escape from the responsibility even the Commune of Milan too. We want ask to the Commune of Milan: does the beautiful Milan under the Italian authority?  If answer is yes it means we have the rights to live in Milan. We don’t want to change the Italian law: but please don’t mix our international law with your internal law. Enough is enough, for everything there is a limit for any action there is a equal and opposite reaction. We are tired of your cruelty, as president Giorgio Napolitano, said that  the extra-community their  energy of Italy, but if the state of Italian  know how to use that manpower, because manpower is blessing. We are not lazy peoples and we know how to build our lives, and we know live isn’t easy especial in the economical crisis We believe in ourselves and we are full of self-confidence. Since there is no life without house as the recommendation of may 1951 Convention of Geneva guaranteed us the rights of housing  Our rights of housing must be respected Our right is clear We want our right now. and we don’t believe in the democratic state there  is a punishment for homeless, jobless, poor refugees . We heard their words, we didn’t asked them jobs or some amount of money because we know how and where to go to search for job. and the truth what weed is only love and dignity.  there is no choice and we are fighting to get the choice and our call is not certain call but it is human right call. as it is guaranteed in the convention of 1951 and as it is guaranteed in Italian constitution article 10

We will fight peacefully for the change

Yes we can

Rights less refugee Paulo’s

For more information please rifugiati.milano@gmail.com


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